Website promoting is a highly emphasized activity in today’s world. Bigger and smaller brands are using the online environment in order to win customers and drive a lot of brand awareness. Websites are the main vehicle that transforms lurking viewers into potential loyal customers.

Because most of the marketing is performed online, it’s obvious that competition has gotten stronger, and whoever is the best, wins the game. Marketers and online webmasters from all over the place have started to create different website promotion strategies and techniques.

Most of them are out there, on the web, but some of them are not. Some strategies are less known and less practiced. Still, that doesn’t make them ineffective. You can simply use any strategy as long as it provides you with the necessary results. If you’re testing enough, trying again, and again, you’ll eventually come up with a working marketing campaign.

In the present moment, there are numerous ways in which you can promote your business and brand. The services and products that you’re selling will be presented on your main website. Therefore, it’s important to focus on good traffic generation actions that could allow us to improve our business performance and overall revenue streak.

During today’s article, we’ll talk about five interesting strategies that are pretty much underrated. These are quite unusual, even though they’re somehow linked to other traditional website promotion methods. These strategies work, but only if you take the necessary consistent action. You can’t afford giving up after a few failures, so keep trying until you succeed. Let’s see what they’re all about:


  • Create Unexpected Collaborations



If you manage to create strong collaborations with different brands within your niche, you’ll be able to promote your brand and services to a wider audience. For example, you can use social media influencers in order to capture millions of social media user’s attention.

The main point of this strategy is to position yourself different compared to your competition. If for example, you’re into the alternative medicine business, you can contact Snoop Dogg, an individual who’s totally anti-pharmacy propaganda, and ask him to feature your products in one of his TV shows or during a TV show appearance.

This strategy helps at captivating different audiences. You never know when they might be interested in your services and products! Another out-of-the-box promotion strategy would be paying for ad space on unusual websites.

This is called online media buying, and it’s the online version of selling physical ad space. You’re basically contacting different websites which you believe that possess the audience that you target, and ask them to place a banner on their main page. You’ll have to pay, of course, but the results could be quite productive. Check out these media buying strategies.


  • Perform a Philanthropic Act and Promote It



Even though philanthropy is defined as “an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes” by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it doesn’t fully apply to our situation. When you want to overstep your competition, you must be fierce and cold sometimes.

Ethics are extremely important, but when we encounter key opportunities, I would choose the opportunity first and take care of the real significance of philanthropy when I possess the necessary resources.

Be a community hero and donate some cash to the poor, help needy families with your products, services, or money. The next step is to be smart about it (in business terms) and show your acts.

Some people might figure out the fact that you’ve paid for promoting your own philanthropic acts, but the majority will perceive your brand as something that does good to the general population. The community will make sure to give back by choosing your products and services whenever there’s a choice to make.


  • Be Everywhere



Even though this is not a particularly new business strategy, many marketers ignore it. Promoting your website is quite basic. You must figure out where your target audience spends time and join them immediately. If you manage to “capture” more channels, it’s pretty obvious that you’re improving your traffic potential.

If the masses see you on TV, social media, newspaper, and also on a bus ad, you’ll certainly receive the proper attention. This marketing approach plays with people’s unconscious perception; even if they don’t consciously try to remember your brand’s name, their subconscious minds will.

Here are some ideas of channels where you could possibly list your name and services:

  • Social Media (on as many channels as you can)
  • Niche Forums (on as many forums as you can)
  • Question and Answers Platforms (engage as much as you can)
  • Video Platforms (YouTube, Daily Motion, etc.) (post as much as you can)
  • Influencer Pages (contact as many as you can)
  • TV, Radio, Newspapers (check your budget and try to get a positive ROI)
  • Offline Marketing (bus stickers, flyers, road ads, etc)



  • Involve Customers and Marketers in Your Business Activity



Have you ever thought of offering affiliating options for your customers? What about the sea of marketers who are looking to sell fresh and qualitative products and services?

Well, if you want to improve your website traffic, you’d better ask for some help! You can create your own affiliate program and make others sell your stuff and improve your brand awareness.

If someone refers your website and others purchase something from you, you’re giving the affiliate a certain percentage of the full price. He’ll be happy to spread the word around and share around his referral link. This way you’re getting more and more website visitors and ultimately customers.

You can also create discussion groups on Facebook and directly engage with your customers. Offer them discounts from time to time, and tell them that they’re only going to get offers if they’re joining your e-mail newsletter!



  • Interview Successful People within Your Niche



Many website promoters never think about actually interviewing the most successful individuals within their field of business. By interviewing people who made it, you’re providing your followers valuable advice and information from those who are at the top. Your followers base will quickly become larger, and so will the interest of the people.

Mary Jones, sales team manager at Australianwritings suggests that finding successful people is not that hard nowadays; “You need to insist and try every possible channel of communication. Reach their managers, talk to them, pitch your proposal, and hope for the best”. Good advice, we should definitely take it into consideration!

You should distribute these video interviews on many platforms. You should put them on your website, on a video platform, on more social media networks, and everywhere where they can be seen. Create an eye-catchy title and wait for the expected results!




Following unusual strategies could be quite risky, but highly rewarding. By doing things differently, by having an out-of-the-box thinking, you’re creating quite good chances of huge success. Because not everyone’s focused on these type of strategies, you’ll have more time to become an authority within your niche market and start earning even more.

Do not forget that without proper action you won’t obtain any relevant results. Yes, you can desire it, you can create to-do lists about it, and still miserably fail because of the lack of action. Be a doer, not a talker!


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