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On-Page SEO Is Affordable and Powerful

by | Dec 8, 2018 | SEO - Search Engine Optimization | 0 comments

Understanding SEO

When it comes to getting traffic to your site, what is the most important thing? Is it having a strong social media presence? Is it developing the right PPC ad campaign? You probably think I am going to say that it is a combination of all of these things, but you would be wrong.

Our primary motivation for writing this article is to let you in on a couple of secrets.

Secret #1: On-Page SEO Is Your Most Powerful Traffic Driving Tool

On-page SEO is your most powerful tool when it comes to driving traffic to your site. This is where Google weighs your site and decides whether or not it is a good enough to rank. Once this is set up, it means free traffic for you and very little effort going forward.

Secret #2: On-Page SEO Is Easier Than You Think

You don’t need to be a brainiac when it comes to computers. You don’t even need to know all about how the coding of a site works. In fact, with a small amount of research, you can become an on-page SEO guru.

Secret #3: We Are Going to Tell You What You Need to Do

Since we are such nice people, we are going to tell you exactly how to get started. We are going to cover:

  • LSI Keywords
  • Alt Text
  • No Redirections
  • Sterling Content
  • Load Speed
  • Meta Descriptions

LSI Keywords

No, we are not referring to long-tailed keywords or synonyms here. You have no doubt already been using some of those already. What we are referring to is keywords that are related to those that your user might search for.

Say, for example, you sell toothpaste. People looking for toothpaste might try using the word “toothpaste.” What other kinds of related things might they look for? How about a toothbrush or mouthwash? What about “dental hygiene?”

LSI keywords are about stretching the box rather than thinking outside of it. Think about what kinds of terms would go with the keywords you already have.

More on LSI Keywords

Alt Text

This is an oldie but a goodie. You are going to use these to describe the photos on your site. Why bother? Because you are accommodating those with visual imparities. If they have a program that explains what they are seeing, the alt text becomes important.

But further than that, the alt text is also there so that the search engine knows what the image contains. While Google is working on a way of identifying images, at the moment, the alt text is the only way to do this accurately.

No Redirections

There are a few reasons that you would be redirected to a different site when landing on a particular page. The problem with a site redirecting visitors is that it has a somewhat dodgy feel to it from the search engine side.

While there might be a valid reason for the site to redirect people, a redirection hurts your site’s credibility and slows its load time. Just don’t do it.

Sterling Content

You need a site that makes people want to stay longer on it. Give them a reason to do so by providing sterling content. Google uses the length of time people spend on a site as an indication of how credible it is. Take advantage of this by offering great content they will want to consume.

Load Speed

Ah, if there is one thing that can kill your site’s ranking in a heartbeat, it has to be a slow load speed. For starters, Google’s crawlers can establish how long it will take your site to load. Sites that take long get marked down.

Next up, the people visiting your site will have little to no patience if it that takes forever to load. Online, forever is anything longer than three seconds. According to Google, 53% of visits are abandoned when a site takes more than three seconds to load on a mobile device. And SEO Tribunal’s data says that a 500-millisecond delay results in a 26% increase of peak frustration and an 8% decrease of engagement.

How do you crank up the load speed? By keeping the file size of the site as low as possible. That means keeping an eye on the visuals and making sure that they are a reasonable size and quality. Find a photo-editing software that allows you to adjust the quality of the image or optimize it for the web.

You would be surprised at how little difference you will see in a photo saved as medium quality in Photoshop as opposed to one saved as high quality. Your eyes won’t see a difference, but the file size difference is immense. Also, play with the actual image size to reduce file size.

Meta Descriptions

Think of these like the headlines of a newspaper. These are what gets people interested in the news and thinking about checking out the paper. As one of the ways that Google determines rank is to see how many people click through to your site, you better make meta descriptions great.

Give an interesting and accurate description of what people will find at your site to peak their interest.

And, there we have it. On-page SEO is done quickly and easily without a tech geek in sight. What are you going to choose to do first with your site?

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