In this article, we’re diving deep into the world of making money on TikTok. We all love spending hours watching those short, addictive videos, but did you know that you can actually turn your TikTok addiction into a source of income? Yes, you can monetize your TikTok account and we’re here to guide you through it.

We’ve rounded up some of the most effective ways to make money on TikTok based on our expertise and insider knowledge. Our team includes social media specialists who know the ins and outs of this platform, from making money on the app to what are the best times to post on TikTok, so you’re in good hands.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Make Money on TikTok?

One of the burning questions is how much TikTok pays you, but before we get into the dollars and cents, let’s talk about the basic requirements for monetizing your TikTok account.

First things first, you’ll be earning through the TikTok Creator Fund, a pot of $70 million set aside for creators. To dip your toes into this fund, you need to meet these criteria:

  • Reside in Spain, the UK, Germany, France,US or Italy.
  • Follow TikTok’s community guidelines, ensuring your account stays clear of any violations.
  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Have a minimum of 10,000 followers.
  • Accumulate at least 100,000 views on your videos in the past 30 days.

So, yes, you need 10,000 followers to start earning money on TikTok through video views.

If you meet these requirements and have a personal account, you can access the TikTok Creator Fund by navigating to Profile > Menu > Creator Tools > Creator Fund.

For those with a professional account, you can switch to a personal account by going to Profile > Menu > Settings and Privacy > Manage Account > Switch to Personal Account.

If your application gets denied, don’t worry; you can try again in another 30 days.

Earn Money on TikTok by Watching Videos

TikTok Rewards is your ticket to earning money on TikTok by inviting friends to join the platform and watch a certain number of videos. A key point to note is that the friends you invite must be new TikTok users, not people who were already on the platform.

To access this feature, click on the coin icon that sometimes appears on your account or profile page. From there, a new tab will open with your referral link and details on how much money you’ll earn based on the number of videos your invited friends watch.

Making Money with TikTok LIVE

Going live on TikTok can earn you money in two ways: through gifts sent by viewers, like Diamonds, or by getting people to pay to subscribe to your community.

LIVE Gifts

LIVE Gifts are a feature that allows viewers to show their appreciation in real-time during your live broadcasts. Among these gifts, Diamonds are the ones you can convert into real money after ending your live session. Diamonds are the only rewards that can be exchanged for cash. You can track the total number of Diamonds received during your broadcast in your stream summary.

It’s worth emphasizing that viewers who want to send you Diamonds must purchase Coins with real money, so if someone sends you Diamonds, be sure to express your gratitude for their generous support.

Earning Coins on TikTok

As you can see, these gifts are a way for your audience to show appreciation for your content, so always remember to thank your community for their support.

LIVE Subscriptions

LIVE Subscriptions allow your followers to subscribe to your account for a fee and, in return, receive certain perks:

  • Exclusive badges for their profiles, displayed when they comment.
  • Access to exclusive emojis during your live streams. You have the option to upload custom emojis, giving your subscribers a unique experience.
  • A chat exclusively for subscribers, allowing them to interact during your live sessions while others watch. This creates a sense of intimacy and exclusivity.

To enable the subscription option, you need to meet specific criteria: be 18 years or older, abide by TikTok’s community guidelines, and have at least 1,000 followers.

How TikTok Rewards Work

Earlier, we mentioned that during live broadcasts, users can send you Rewards, such as Diamonds (which you can exchange for real money). However, there are other Rewards besides Diamonds that cannot be converted into cash. These might include products or virtual items. So, if you’re looking to make real money, Diamonds are the way to go.

Keep in mind that the amount you can withdraw for the Diamonds you receive may vary. Before converting them, you’ll see the total amount you’ll receive.

And a quick heads-up: when you cash in your Diamonds for real money, both TikTok and the payment platform will take a commission:

  • If you choose PayPal as your payout method, there’s a 1.5% fee plus $0.10. You’ll need to accumulate a minimum of $1 to withdraw.
  • If you opt for a bank transfer, there’s a $2.90 fee. For the UK, US and Germany, you’ll need a minimum of $9, while France and Sweden require a minimum of $4.

Sponsored Content by Brands

TikTok has its own platform called the TikTok Creator Marketplace, where you can connect with brands in your niche and strike up paid partnerships. For example, if your TikTok is all about Beauty, an makeup brand might want to collaborate with you and pay you for mentioning them in your videos.

The TikTok Creator Marketplace is designed to facilitate creator-brand partnerships, but you can also reach out to brands directly or wait for them to approach you for sponsorship opportunities.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a product or service and earning a commission for every sale generated through your referral. Typically, these sales are tracked using an affiliate link provided by the company. With Amazon Affiliates, for instance, you can earn around 2% per sale on average, but it’s worth reaching out to brands directly to explore potentially higher commission rates (anywhere from 10% to 20% is a good benchmark).

For better results, consider placing your affiliate link in your TikTok profile to make it easily accessible and boost sales.

Direct Sales

Last but certainly not least, there are direct sales you can generate through your TikTok content. By maximizing your online visibility, you may attract clients interested in your services or products.

We’ve seen many diffrent cases: from chefs receiving orders for their mouthwatering dishes featured in videos to psychologists offering online sessions to their followers who trust them after watching their content.

The opportunities will naturally come your way as your brand grows:

  • You could publish a book.
  • Sell merchandise like T-shirts or caps.
  • Offer training services to businesses or individuals.
  • Boost eCommerce sales from visits to your profile.

For us, these are the most effective ways to make money on TikTok. But we’re curious, which ones have worked best for you? Share your success stories in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear from you!