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How to upload a video to IGTV from your Desktop

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Social Media | 1 comment

What is IGTV?

IGTV is Instagrams new app that will allow you to upload and watch vertical videos from your favorite content creators. IGTV allows users to watch up to 1 hour long videos and also allow content creators to monetize the content.

On the part of the user, IGTV what it does is that when you open the application, it starts to reproduce the contents that you think are relevant to you. This is like watching television, in theory, you do not decide what you want to see.

IGTV app is available for all Apple iOS users and Google Android users. Apple users can go to the App store and Android user can find it in the Google play store.

Now that we know what IGTV is I will show you how you can upload longer videos through your computer since many of you would not want to upload a hour long video through the IGTV app.

How to upload videos to IGTV from your computer:

Instagram has made it easy for us to manage the contents that we upload to IGTV. Below I will show you how easy it is to upload videos via your computer to IGTV

1 – Go to and click on your profile.

2 – Select the IGTV option

3 Click on Upload

4 Simply drag the video to the left, put title and content and upload!

Once you are done with the steps above your video will be uploaded to IGTV

IGTV Video requirements

  • The videos should last between 15 seconds and 10 minutes. Note: Larger and verified accounts can upload videos of up to 60 minutes in length, but must do so from a computer.
  • The file format of the videos must be MP4.
  • Vertical (not horizontal) with a minimum aspect ratio of 4: 5 and maximum of 9:16
  • The maximum file size of videos lasting 10 minutes or less is 650 MB.
  • The maximum file size of videos that last up to 60 minutes is 5.4 GB.



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