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How to get Leads Through SEO

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Get Traffic, SEO - Search Engine Optimization | 1 comment

Do you want to attract more potential customers? Forget traffic and start measuring your effectiveness by converting customers.

The first and main obsession many brands have is getting traffic. However, you should be asking yourself, what is the use of traffic if you do not capitalize on it.

In this post you will see how I write the content on this site so that I attract quality traffic of potential customers in any phase of the buyers journey.

How to get quality SEO traffic?

Before starting with a content strategy it is very important to know the needs of your potential client. This will help you establish what kind of information you are going to show each step of the way. It is also essential to know some details that define your potential customer. For example, you need to know their age range, how they consumes information, what language they use, etc. It will help you when it comes to displaying the content.

SEO phases of a purchasing customer

1. SEO in the discovery phase

The discovery phase begins at the moment when your potential customer identifies their needs.

In this phase, the content must be educational, since our objective is to help and inform about a need that you potential customer has

How I do it on

Suppose that your potential client has suffered a decrease in traffic and knows that one of the ways to solve it is through SEO.

The need to increase ranking and get more traffic has been identified. .

Doing keyword research using tools such as Google Adwords, Google Suggest, Semrush, etc. we know that the searches of our potential client in this phase are: “how to get more traffic”, “tips to increase traffic”, “how to improve SEO”, etc.

Therefore, our mission will be to have content that covers the greatest number of searches through posts such as:

It is important to have content for the different searches in the discovery phase. Since in addition to increasing SEO traffic, it will also provide a good brand image.

2. SEO in the consideration phase

In this phase, the potential client knows that a solution exists for his need, either because we offered it to him in the previous content, or because he has discovered it by his own means.

This phase of the contents deals with more specific topics, since the searches are a little more specific than those of the previous phase.

How I do it on

Let’s suppose that some of the previous posts have already been read. In these posts we showed SEO as a way to get more traffic .

Now our potential client begins to consider SEO as a possible solution to their need.

From the SEO point of view the searches in this phase are about Ranking and Traffic. Therefore, we create posts like:

3. SEO in the decision phase

In this phase, long tail keywords play an important role. Longtail Keywords are those words or phrases that have a low search volume but still capture traffic from search engines.

Keep in mind that the potential customer already knows what is the solution to their needs. Now their searches are much more specific. They are looking for information or posts about real cases, practical examples, etc.

How I do it on

Our potential client already knows that SEO is their solution, but they need to look for information that will help them decide definitively. For this I use email funnels that allow me to convert that user into a client. For example, sending them your cases studies and valuable free SEO tips.


If you want to convert website visitors to leads you must implement these three steps immediately. Keep in mind that search engines are currently giving more importance to the search intention than to the keyword itself, so focusing the content in one way or another will influence when it appears in search engine results.




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