Social media marketing is a fantastic way to reach new people. Email marketing is great in converting the traffic into customers. Customers go for encountering a business till 12 times before purchasing the product. Brands integrating email with their social media marketing can accomplish that milestone in quick time.

  • Potential customers look for brand integrity, implying that the business pays attention to detail and is trustworthy.
  • If your Instagram and email start speaking different languages, your brand consistency will only suffer.
  • You send informal and funny emails, but your IG page is about serious business. It depletes your branding process and you end up losing potential customers.
  • You need to sync the language of your social media and email marketing. Product Hunt is a prominent example. Their tweets and newsletter share the same parlance.
  • The brand is enthusiastic and informal, featuring countless emojis.
  • You can also use your email contacts to make informed decisions on IG ads. Ads can be a potent way to transform potential consumers.
  • Using your email marketing for testing ideas for adverts is a good idea. For instance, write many emails on effective and seamless subject lines tactics.

More on the combination

To ensure that your efforts of integrating Instagram with your marketing mediums are productive and cost-effective, you need to follow a few important steps.

  • You need to hire an editor or photographer, or even a reputable agency/service for your Instagram snaps.
  • You must have professional and crisp pictures that stand out on the channel.
  • You need to implement and engage some of the most and best optimized hashtags with your premium images. This is mandatory.
  • You’ll need to do extensive research and try different features and tools of IG to see what clicks with your audience.
  • It’s important to get very creative with your IG Stories and collaborate with some of the leading micro-influencers in the business.
  • Inclusion of original video content is an imperative. Lastly, you need to ensure that you’re following major brands to understand how they use each Instagram feature.
  • These steps can guarantee that you move towards the e-commerce galaxy with your IG-embedded email campaign. You can become a major name in the circuit.
  • If you lack followers and need views, you can pay for Instagram views to get the boost.

The lead-generating aspect

To fuse email and social media marketing to build your own audience, you need to organize contests.

  • It could be Instagram photo quizzes and contests, or other types of social media competitions.
  • This marketing tactic is a proven way to create buzz, attention, and most importantly, business leads.
  • Contests are a compelling manner of lead generation since they gratify your instant gratification need and enhance oxytocin levels by providing free stuff.
  • Remember that by just running a competition for the sake of it would be futile. You must ensure that you’re optimizing your contest.
  • It needs to imbibe social media prospects and turn them into leads in your concerned email database.
  • Make it compulsory for contestants to enter their email ids.
  • If you’re wondering how does email fit into your impeccable lead-generation too, you need to understand unlike your social media audience, you control and command your email list.
  • Once your email list has a lead, you can run them through an elaborate email sales tube or funnel, which you can perfectly prime to harness a lead to its ultimate stage, the sale. This is also where you continue to cultivate them towards brand loyalty.
  • For busy marketers trying to make a mark through Instagram, email marketing is extremely handy. You can optimize, automate, and rely on the sales funnel of your email to undertake the job on your behalf.

Smart ways to fuse your email with Instagram

You need to bear in mind that IG marketing isn’t to just gain more fans/followers, boost e-commerce sales and direct traffic to your website. It’s instrumental in growing your email list as well. Email marketing is a powerful implement to boost your business’ objectives.

  • Providing customer support through email is the surest and most common way. Most people prefer communicating with businesses in-ap through DMs and comments, but you have actionable ways to encourage your customers to send an email.
  • More than 90% of social media folks use the platforms to communicate with or follow brands. Apart from using IG to discover new goods and services, people also want answers to questions and get customer support.
  • When you’re using IG for business, it’s crucial to set up an IG business profile. You will then add your email address as a core contact option. It allows your followers to directly send you requests.
  • For businesses, this is a scope to initiate a conversation without bugging your followers. Additionally, you can invite your consumers to send an email so that you can connect with them on a personal note, or offer more assistance.
  • Promoting your newsletter on IG is indeed a smart way. IG posts entail a character limit. Hence, it might be difficult for brands to cram everything into one caption.
  • Fortunately, most people that they are click on the link in your account bio and sign up for your newsletter to obtain more information about your product, or something they wish to follow.
  • Sharing exclusive offers and discounts never dies out, does it? In fact, almost 60% of users follow and worship brands across social media channels to get access to sizzling discounts and offers.
  • So, making those enticing discount codes and coupons are an effortless and smart way to collect emails and boost sales.

A footnote

It goes beyond saying that Instagram has revolutionized the approach of business campaigning all over the internet. Commonly and conventionally, you will find that email marketing would present a risk or uncertainly of recipients not opening the emails, but IG has helped to curb the risk to a huge extent.

When you put your IG content or coupon codes in your email content, and connect it with your link in the bio, you hit two targets in one shot.

Author Bio

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.