Email marketing_ How to increase your open rate in 2016

Email Marketing Open Rate

What is an open rate?

Open rate is a measure of how many people on an email list open (or view) a particular email campaign. The open rate is normally expressed as a percentage, and we calculate it as follows: So a 20% open rate would mean that of every 10 emails delivered to the inbox, 2 were actually opened. According to SmartInsights in 2015 the average email list open rate is 22.9%
In this post I will give you 7 tips that will help you increase your open rate.

1. Write a catchy headline

It is the first thing your subscriber will read see when you send out a email, and although there are other factors that influence the open rate, the subject of the email is one of the most important.

The subject of the email should be direct, clear and preferably short. You must intrigue the reader.

For instance:

Tips to increase your site traffic, inside

Don’t make these marketing mistakes

How you can grow your Instagram account now

Another useful tip when writing catchy headlines is to use numbers or percentages, this will increase the curiosity of the subscriber.

2. Test different times to send email

Have you tried sending an email at different times or on different days? When starting to build your email list you should be sending out the same emails at different time. It is known as A / B testing. Sending the same email at different times will give you data which you can analyze and figure out what time gives you the best chance to get your email seen. You can do the same thing to try and figure out what days work best to have your emails seen.

Email marketing is all trial and error.

3. Segment your subscribers

What is Segmentation?

Segmentation means separating your list into groups. I separate my subscribers based on Interest (SEO, Social Media, Niche Marketing, Affiliate Marketing) and if they have previous purchases or have never brought. The reason you want to segment your list is to avoid sending emails that your subscriber is not interested in. If the emails they receive are tailored to their needs, they’ll be much more likely to buy from you.

4. Clean your List out (Quality vs Quantity)

The number one reason you should be cleaning out your list is because it will eventually cost you money. Most email autoresponder charge by the number of subscribers on your list. It doesn’t make sense to pay for subscribers who are not engaging with your emails. To avoid having a list of subscribers who are not interested in your emails, every 5-6 months you should go through your subscriber list and search for anyone who has not opened any of your emails in a while. When you have them located, you can ask them if they want to stay on your list or if they prefer to unsubscribe.

5. Customize the sender name

You should always add your name as the sender. It makes it feel more intimate and welcoming. You should also personalize the e-mail. You should never send out emails to your subscribers from @aol, @yahoo or @gmail account

For instance:



6. Frequency of your emails

There really isn’t a correct answer to the question “How often you should email your subscribers” it all depend on the type of business you are in and your own personal decision. What I do with my list is once you join I will email you very useful content and tips for the first 7 days then after those seven days are over I will email you about once or twice a week. This is what I have found works for me.

7. Personalize the subject line

If your autoresponder allows it, you should always use the subscribers name in the subject line. Makes the email feel more personal

For instance:

John, this is why you should be building a email list

Mary, here are some amazing Inbound Marketing tools


If you have any other tips you use to increase your open rate share it in the comments below.


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