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How To Build Your Email List Without Facebook Ads

by | Aug 18, 2018 | List Building | 0 comments

Build your email list for free

You’ve made this great opt-in to attract new people to your list, and now you go out and share it so that people actually get their hands on it!

Here’s the great thing about that… you don’t have to invest thousands or even hundreds of dollars to get your opt-in in front of the right people. Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing with Facebook ads yet.

Instead, you can simply maximize the FREE tools that are right at your finger-tips and then build up from there. Because the truth is… if it doesn’t convert organically… you aren’t going to want to toss money into FB ads just yet!

Ways to Grow Your Email List Organically



Every time you share a new blog post you have created on social media, you are giving people the opportunity to get additional value and join your list – at absolutely no cost!

  • Home Page: Opt-in bar that’s easy to find (preferably above the fold).
  • Pop-up Box: They’re not annoying, they WORK if done right! I like to use one that pops up when people go to leave my site.
  • Blog Posts: Within every blog post, have a sign up for your opt-in, either midway through or at the bottom.
  • Sidebar: Use an eye catching photo that they can click on and go right to your opt-in page.


Those who have the biggest social media presence are giving the most value. Use your opt-in as a value add for your current audience and take the relationship from social media to their inbox.

  • Instagram: Add the link to your bio and create a graphic that you share 2-3x a week letting people know about your opt-in. In the photo, direct them to click the link in your bio.
  • Facebook: Use the CTA button that Facebook gives you at the top of your page, to add your opt-in. You will be surprised how many people actually click it! Also, post 2-3x a week, with an eye catching photo, letting your followers know how to access your opt-in.
  • IGTV/Facebook Live: Share your opt-in at the middle and end of every live-stream.


There are others out there with a similar audience as you. Collaborating with those you trust in the industry is a great way to not only grow your list but really connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and keep things fun in business.

  • Guest Blogging/Podcasts: Reach out to the blogs and/or podcasts that your target audience would be following and reach out to them, letting them know how you can serve their audience. Most will allow you to promote your opt-in as a thank you for your time and knowledge shared.
  • Facebook Groups: Are you consistently adding value in other Facebook groups, where your ideal clients are hanging out? If so, make a note of their “promo days” and each week, share your opt-in with that audience on the appropriate day. Note: this is only effective if you consistently engage in that group.

There you have it… a whole list of ways to consistently get your opt-in out there and build your list… without even placing one ad (yet)!

People are waiting for what you have to offer, and NOW is the perfect time to get out there and give it to them. Let me know in the comments below if you have other tips on growing your list for free.


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