All businesses can benefit from creating and sharing engaging social media marketing content with their audience members. The only problem is that tapping into the creative skills required to do that isn’t very easy.

Sure, if your product or service is by nature creative, developing lots of great content might be easy for you. This probably explains why artists, designers, advertising companies, and marketers tend to have great content to share. Then there are the big companies who can simply hire creative staff for their digital marketing efforts.

The real challenge faces small business owners who cannot hire content marketing out, and who aren’t naturals when it comes to using creativity to generate interesting blog posts, videos, infographics, etc. on their own. Fortunately, there is some good news. Even if you do not feel as if you have a single creative bone in your body, you can create amazing content just like the next guy. Keep reading to learn how to get your creativity working for you.


  • Don’t Stymie Yourself by Assuming That Creativity And Your Business Don’t Mix


Many people struggle with the idea of creativity because they have such a narrow of what creativity entails. You don’t need to be artsy or evoke deep emotions to employ creativity in your content. You can also use creativity to help you develop great content, even if the business you are in might be considered boring. Clearly, your niche is no barrier for you when it comes to creating posts that have the potential to go viral.


  • Define Your Customer Personas


It’s difficult to know what kind of social media posts to create if you don’t have an audience persona defined. It’s a bit like trying to find a Christmas present for somebody when you know absolutely nothing about them. This is why it is interesting to create a bit of a character study that is also known as a customer persona.

Figure out who is going to be interested in your products. Then, create a detailed persona about each. This should include age, gender, interests, why they would purchase your products, where they hang out online, what other types of content interests them, and more.

Once you have this information, you should be able to confidently create a list of topic ideas and content formats that are most likely to be successful for you. Essentially, each piece of social media marketing content should be designed to speak directly to one of your customer personas.

If your company is marketing to more than persona, be sure to vary your content so that you create something that all segments of your audience finds engaging. You worked hard to define all of your personas. Don’t alienate one by ignoring it with your content.


  • Remember That Creativity Doesn’t Mean Abandoning Your Personality


We’ve all seen it before, in real life and in advertising. A politician, a business, even an entertainer abandons their core audience and defines who they are in order to make themselves relatable to a new audience. Unfortunately, the effort falls flat. It feels phony, almost pandering.

For an example of this, look no further than the infamous Jack in The Box campaign that involved Jack, the mascot being blown up so the company could pursue a more upscale audience. It turns out that the upscale audience was simply not interested, and the other customers simply felt abandoned. Needless to say, Jack was eventually restored as the company mascot, and the whole episode is now considered to be an embarrassing footnote.

Remember that creativity is important, but you can accomplish this while still staying true to who you are, and adhering to your branding.


  • Start Small by Creating Content Then Tweaking it With Creative Touches


Don’t allow your struggles to flex your creative muscles stop you from creating content. Keep writing posts. Keep filming product demonstrations. Keep blogging, and sharing your thoughts on social media.

First and foremost, this will ensure that you always have fresh things to share with your followers. Having a lot of content on hand also provides you with some sandbox content for experimenting. For example, if you have an archive of blog posts, you can go back through it to see what you can do to make it even more engaging. For example, the information in a blog post could be rewritten into a script for a podcast.

You’ll feel less pressure if you challenge yourself to infuse something with creativity than if you try to create something that is both completely new and creative to boot. Don’t worry if you never get good grade on your creative writing assignments, you can still come up with something amazingly if you start small.

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  • Look Over The Other Guy’s Shoulder


Which blogs do you follow? What businesses do you keep up with on social media? Are there certain companies whose commercials make you take notice because they are touching or humorous? The truth is, some people really do a great job at creating social media content and other content that is truly engaging.

As you consume social media and advertising, pay attention to the content that touches on your emotions, makes you laugh, or that simply sticks in your memory. Jot down the elements that really grabbed your attention. Then figure out how those could fit into your own content plans.


  • Have a Clear Idea of The Impression You Want to Leave


Fill in the blanks. When people read my content they feel blank________. This is because they see my company as __________ and ___________. Now, let’s say you sell fitness products. Your statement might be, When people read my content they feel motivated. This is because they see my company as high energy and wellness-oriented.

Once you know the general takeaway that you want your audience to have, you can begin tailoring the tone of your content accordingly. You may also find that having some clearly defined parameters actually helps you to create engaging content.


  • Use Great Content Creation Tools


You might see presentation slides, videos, infographics, and other neat things in social media all of the time. You might also think that there is no way that you could ever figure out how to do those things.

However, the truth is, you absolutely can do those things. There is an extraordinary number of content creation tools that you can use to produce all sorts of  visual and creative posts. Even better, many of these tools are free or low cost.


  • Curate Things Your Audience Will Enjoy


You knew what content you find engaging. You also know what your target audience likes. Now, keep in mind that you don’t have to create every single piece of social media marketing content that you broadcast to your followers.

Content curation is finding content that you believe your audience will find to be intelligent, helpful, engaging, and shareable, and then passing that those on to your audience. Just be sure to share your own insights. This will allow you to turn shared content into a thought leadership opportunity. Your followers will enjoy the engaging content, and you will have the opportunity to establish trust.


Everybody has a creative side, and everybody is capable of using that creative side to develop great social media content. All it takes is lots of practice, having a clearly defined idea of who you are, creating detailed customer personas, and finding some truly great inspiration. Before long, you will be crafting blog posts and other social media content that has the potential to go viral.

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