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8 Reasons Why you need Social Media Analytic Tools as a Blogger

by | Jul 1, 2018 | Start a Blog | 0 comments

 social media analytic tool

Leveraging a business or a site is priority for anyone willing to take their venture to the next level. Indeed, bloggers like business owners or marketers, are constantly checking the number of Facebook shares for their site to determine the level of engagement their audience are displaying as matters their content.

The increasing use of social media today is overwhelming and this has kept most bloggers on their toes looking out for how well their content and sites perform on social media more than on search engines.

For this reason, bloggers are aggressive on using social media analytic tool to make sense of their position as bloggers. Social media has the potential to steer a blogger into success by turning the content they created into conversations, which probe more curiosity in people to get searching for more from them to feed on, even situating them as influencer marketers for other brands and businesses.

Social media analytics is seemingly receiving importance among bloggers. Do you intend to get on board as a blogger but are wondering why you should? Here are 8 convincing reasons of how you can make sense of this tool:

Competitor analysis

This analytical tool for social media covers more ground by examining competition for you. It is useful for bloggers to better keep track of the performance of their competitors as well as note strategies they use to market and populate their sites with traffic.

Any positives identified can be mirrored while the rest that are weak points can be the markers informing your new blogging strategies.

Feedback analysis

Communication cannot be termed successful without feedback from the audience. To gauge the impact of your content on social media, this tool will help you analyze all the feedback received from audiences in terms of number of likes, comments sent, number of shares within and without different platforms as well as conversion rates.

This picks out the various responses from your audiences as related to your content, informing your feedback to comments as well as appropriately adjusting your content to better address the needs of your audience.

Informs on SEO strategies

SEO is very significant in the life of a blogger. Being that social media is yet another search engine, bloggers are fighting to remain relevant in searches on social media.

This analytic tool reports on keywords used on social media, along with content top ranked. This makes this tool efficient for bloggers to check on their performance on social media ranking to guide their SEO strategies.

Analysis on level of engagement

Excitement on social media is built on the level of engagement among people. Every blogger finds value in a highly active audience, especially where the participation revolves around their content.

The social media analytic tool advises you on the level of involvement that your content receives from audiences, keeping tabs on their activities and preferences. This helps you create a better social media engagement plan as well as guide you in creating blogs that feature their likes and interests.

Performance report

Even when your site may be attracting adequate traffic, there remains an underlying need to analyze personal performance.

Bloggers should find value in this social media analytic tool as it gives a report on their performance on social media, including that of their content. This will advise the move to adopting newer strategies to improve performance and increase visibility of your brand.

Analysis of trends

Social media has become the go-to option for checking on trend across different industries.

Accordingly, bloggers need to remain informed on the latest phenomena happening within their location, even further, but more on what pertains their industry of specialty.

This tool conveniently shows you what most people are talking about, which literally means updating you on the littlest pieces of information that are happening around the world and throwing in some new ideas for content creation.

Content analysis

The relevance of a blogger lies in the hands of the content they create. While your content might strike you as informative, relevant, timely and intriguing, the audience are the true determinants of this.

As you push for a higher traffic, measure out how well your content features across the different social media platforms by checking out the number of shares, among other particulars, with this analytic tool.

Track following

Social media is a free-willed platform where people comfortably decide who to interact with and who to drop. For bloggers, losing following can mean thinning of the circles which loudly communicates a gap in satisfaction of the audience.

With this tool, bloggers are able to keep track of their social following, figuring out a way to win back lost followers, whether by creating persuasive content or a reward system for improved value exchange.


It can conclusively be determined that social media analytic tool is very significant to bloggers. Do you happen to be a blogger seeking to widen your coverage and increase your presence on social media? These reasons thoughtfully put together should influence you to consider using this analytic tool.


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