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7 Unwritten Rules of Social Media Marketing

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Social Media | 0 comments

Creating a fan base for your product or service is not as easy as sending friend requests and posting a couple of times on Facebook. Social media marketing can be quite intricate. Each social media platform has its own culture, rules, and themes. This is not far from what we see in the real world. Because of this, as a beginner, it might be difficult to navigate the communities and rules. Here are 7 unwritten rules that can help you with your journey into social media marketing.


Have a Professional Profile

Creating a profile on the social media outlet is one of the first things you will do. Your company’s profile will be the first thing people will see when clicking on your page or scrolling through their feed. Make sure you upload a professional profile image. This will allow your target audience to see what they are connecting with. The photo should also represent your company. Next, be sure to actually fill out your profile. Blank profiles can not only look unprofessional but may also send signals of a bot. Even if it is one or two lines of what your company is, a filled out profile will look professional.


Quality over Quantity

This is important as the quality of your social media posts is more important than the number of these posts. You want to create content that engages the audience and makes them want to come back. One avenue is to create visual content. This can especially be used in places like Twitter where your word count is limited. Not many beginners may know, but it’s okay to post content not related to your product or service. For example, if you are an educational website, to better attract your target audience of college students, you might post essay topics for college students. Although this does not relate directly to your website, it acts as a way to attract college students to your social media account to then learn about your website.


Be Active

Although quality is more important than quantity, make sure that you are still active. As a consumer, it is easy to spot out social media accounts that aren’t very active. These type of accounts post once a month or only on holidays. Although this makes your job easier, being active on your social media can have a profound effect on retained followers. Additionally, sharing often can create a far reach with more than just your community. Being active also does not mean posting at 2:00 in the morning. Optimize your posting by understanding when your target audience is the most active. This can create the illusion of a really active account while maintaining quality posts.



This is a simple rule, but is often missed by beginners: respond to your audience. Responding to your customer can mean a couple of different things. The first is responding to complaints and problems. Often, people use social media as an outlet to complain about the company. Responding can show your organization is sincere, willing to listen, and wanting to help out with their problems. Be sure not to give out a generic response when dealing with angry customers. Here are some successful examples of large corporations responding to customer complaints. The second is to respond to content sharing. If another business or person reaches out to you with a unique picture or story, responding and sharing that content can go a long way. In some cases, even reaching out to that individual and starting a conversation can help out.



Networking with people and other organizations can be a good starting point for your social media accounts. In many cases, the first 1,000 followers will be the toughest to gain. Networking can be an avenue to gain initial followers without being a nuisance. There are many ways to network on social media. One of which is to participate in Facebook groups or join groups on LinkedIn. This can be a wonderful way to spread your name across different communities. Another way to network is to join conversations on Twitter or Reddit. A simple thing such as responding to others content can be an effective networking technique. Networking can lead to more content sharing and even partnerships in the long run.



This is something that many people miss, including social media marketing professionals. Observation acts as a way to learn about your community. As mentioned above, each social media outlet has its own rules and cultures. Observing and learning about this culture can lead you to produce higher quality content. For example, the Reddit community can be very critical when it comes to grammar. Grammatical errors can ruin a post on Reddit. Simple knowledge of the community can go a long way. Additionally, observing your surroundings can give you ideas on quality content to post.


Grow Organically

Remember that it takes time to create a following for a product, service, or website. Be patient and grow organically. Sometimes people pull the trigger too early and start adding as many people as possible. This can make your company look spammy or create an impression that you use a bot. The number of followers does not matter if they are not active or interested in what you offer. When building an online community, adding people with similar interest can be a good base. This will be a slow process, but in the end will be more effective when it comes time to promote or offer a new product.

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