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11 Mobile Marketing Tips for Business Success

by | Oct 28, 2017 | Get Traffic | 3 comments

As one of the newest forms of digital marketing, mobile marketing has really taken off over the past few years and is creating some great opportunities for both large and small companies to promote their brand. Mobile marketing refers to a form of marketing that has been specifically designed to be used on a mobile and other handheld devices. Some of this advertising can reach a target audience via websites, SMS and MMS, email, social media, apps and various other methods. Website Builder has put together a infographic (infographic is below post) that will tell you all you need to know about mobile marketing and more. Packed with useful facts and tips, it will help you with your own mobile marketing strategies and tell you where you should be focusing your marketing efforts based on some facts and figures.

Below we will take a look at some of the best mobile marketing strategies that are in use today, and some tips to outline how they can be used to get the most of using a mobile device.

1. Responsive Design In order to be mobile friendly, all pages should be responsive to a mobile phone, even if you feel the page isn’t integral to your marketing strategy. A responsive design means that the page will automatically adjust to the size and layout of different sized screen and type of device. This includes the text changing the size and the layout of a page altering accordingly. In this way, the marketing content that you want to design will look great no matter what device it is being viewed on, with the aim of being overall more effective. If the page is hard to read of or doesn’t look right on the page, then people are less likely to take any notice of it.

2. Make use of Social Media – Social Media is one of the most used features of a mobile phone. With the ability to be on your account in just a few clicks, and multiple apps to make use of, it is no wonder that many people prefer to access their social media account through their phone than using a desktop computer. Mobile marketing strategies can be boosted by being integrated into social media. In many respects, social media and mobile marketing is a match made in heaven. Almost 75% of consumers that are between the age of 18 and 44 will use social media on a daily basis; therefore this is a large market of potential customers that could be tapped into quickly and efficiently. People tend to scan social media quickly, so it is imperative that brands keep their message short and sweet, people are looking for small chunks of information that can be digested quickly.

3. Message Marketing – A mobile marketing strategy that is often overlooked is message marketing. The problem with this form of marketing is the consumer may consider it an interruption of their personal time if they receive a message sent directly to their phone; therefore the brand must make sure that the message is worth making this interruption for. Is someone signs up to be a mobile subscriber, then they tend to like to receive offers, offers that are often limited to time or quantity, as well as those that offer exclusive information and helpful tips. The brand needs to ensure that they are not sending text messages at a high frequency. If you are worried about the frequency of messages, then an option is to let the consumer chose the frequency of updates themselves when they sign up.

4. Mobile Loyalty Programs and Coupons – 73% of consumers feel like they are more likely to recommend and promote a brand if it has a good loyalty program in place, and 63% of consumers feel like a coupon is one of the more valuable forms of mobile marketing. Mobile coupons have a 10% redemption rate, this is a lot compared to the 1% of less that comes with traditional coupons. Using mobile coupons could be the perfect solution to attracting customers and growing a small business into something that is much bigger. The rise in mobile coupons in recent years is primarily thanks to the proliferation of digital channels in which to offer the coupons, making them easily accessible for consumers to access when they are out and about. These channels could include sending them via email, through mobile apps, daily deals, social media, group buying sites and various others.

5. Mobile Email – Surprising though it may seem, 69% of emails are opened on a mobile device rather than on a desktop computer, therefore making sure that all emails are optimized for mobile use is imperative. 69% of shoppers are influenced to make a purchased on a mobile by a company email, showing that they can be successful if used effectively. It is important that the links that are provided in the email are also mobile-ready, there is nothing more annoying for a consumer than to click on a link from an email only to be sent to a site that is not yet mobile-ready. This could stop them opening up messages from you at all. You will also need to make sure that the email provides information that is valuable to the customer and also provides a call to action, making it clear to the reader the action that you would like them to take. Another useful trick is to include social media buttons. Making the email shareable will open up a lot of valuable opportunities for potential new leads.

6. Apps – Studies suggest that more people spend time browsing products on an app that on the web. As an e-commerce company, it is now more important than ever to build an app that is specific to your brand. 85% of mobile users feel more at ease with apps than using a mobile website, with users spending 18 times more time in-app than on mobile sites. In fact, mobile apps are approaching 60% of total digital time spent. Therefore, if a company does not have an app, then they could be missing out on a lot of potential opportunities to make a sale.

7. Mobile Sites – With more people than ever before using their mobile phone to access the internet, it is important for brands to ensure that their site is ready for use on a mobile. A mobile site can be very different to a desktop site, as people using their mobile devices often don’t expect to see the full site. It is best to target mobile users with calls to actions that are simple, with easy navigation. Small things need to be taken into consideration such as making sure that the navigation is not too small to click on, videos don’t contain Flash so they can still be watched on a mobile and that the text is not too small to be seen on a small screen.

8. Speed – More often than not, a complex site when being opened on a mobile phone can be pretty slow. Research suggests that there is a risk of losing potential customers if a web page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, they will simply give up and go elsewhere. Not only that, but speed can have a big impact on SEO. A slow site will rank much lower on search engines such as Google if they load slowly, so make sure that your site is always up to speed. Very often apps will load a lot quicker than websites on a mobile device, so many companies chose to place a lot of focus on this side of the company.

9. Chatbots – Chatbots are relatively new in the mobile marketing world, yet they are making a big impact. A chatbot provides a unique way for brands to engage with their customers on a one on one level which makes the communication seem more personal than other forms of advertising. Recently there has been a huge shift of traffic from social media sites over to messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, therefore brands should harness this shift and alter their mobile marketing techniques accordingly.

10. Personalization – Owning a mobile device is a very personal thing, people will use a mobile to store their personal world, from messages and photos to shopping devices and much more. Therefore, it is no wonder that personalization is a big trend in mobile. Brands are expected to offer more personalized content to their current and potential customers through mobile devices, whether that be through email, text messages and chatbots, or offers related to where you are and what you are doing.

11. Location – A perk that mobile offers that desktops do not is the ability to track the location of the user. In this way, brands can provide localized marketing depending on where the customer is located. There is a lot of power in digital marketing to get some great results for small local businesses.


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