When you create content on your blog or website, you usually need a solid strategy to make Google fall in love with you.


We know that long-form content is valuable to readers and search engines.


But how can you create long-form content that makes an impact on your content strategy?

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What is pillar content?

Pillar content is a long, in-depth piece of content that can be deconstructed into multiple sections. The sections can be broken into smaller pieces, eBooks, guides, and other short-form content.


This significant piece of content can be the starting point for multiple micro-content opportunities, and all of these will feed into you getting more traffic and traction on the piece.


The main focus is to create a piece of pillar content that is long and informative and then create multiple pieces of content from it.


Planning and preparation are two of the vital components of pillar content that can be an evergreen source of high-quality traffic.


Make sure that you are with the best hosting; not all hosting can deal with high traffic, and consider a hosting that has CMS.


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How you can use pillar content

Your content plan consists of many different types of content, and you need to link them all in.


Many people create multiple content pieces separately and loop them together loosely.


With pillar content, you focus on creating the best possible piece. From that piece, you will develop a range of other content.


Each large section of the pillar can be broken down, lightly rewritten, and posted as a stand-alone piece of content.


Smaller excerpts can be used for microblog content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.


Reformat the long-form post into an eBook.


Pull key points and use them for multiple newsletters.


It is possible to create hundreds of pieces of content, just from one well-written and thought our pillar content piece.


Highlight key statistics and create an infographic with them; with the infographic, create an HTML code so that it can be used elsewhere.

How do you create pillar content?

Creating pillar content is one of the most important undertakings for a high-ranking website that gives readers value.


However, the creation of the content should be rushed. Careful curation is essential.


  • Experts and leaders are your go-to for insider insight and valuable contributions. These experts may also provide you a valuable backlink and promotion in return.
  • Research is essential. Instead of just browsing the internet, find historical books on the subject, new theories, and more. The more original research you do, the more value your article will have.
  • Lead up to the piece. Create a social media campaign that talks about what you are working on, gather feedback, create an email waiting list.
  • Create images and video ahead of and during the creation of the content.


If you aren’t sure how it is possible for one person to create so much content, then check out Gary Vee’s content strategy. It’s a good insight into how to create content quickly and make it really count.