Instagram tried to kill Snapchat, now their next goal is to get YouTube out of here. Today Instagram announced IGTV , its a video platform which will focus on attracting video content creators by allowing them to post up to 1 hour long videos. For now, videos can be 10 minutes for most accounts, and up to one hour for larger accounts, but Instagram has said that eventually there will be no time limit.

IGTV will be integrated into the Instagram application within the “Home” tab of Instagram and on the app you will be able to find videos and recommendations not only from celebrities, but from anyone interested in presenting themselves to the world. Of course, everything will be focused on mobile so the videos will maintain their vertical format.

IGTV Twitter anouncement

IGTV Video focused on mobile

IGTV will not only be within the same Instagram app, but they will also launch an independent application so that those people who want to upload videos to the new platform can do it directly, since apparently, Instagram wants to maintain some independence for this new video format . In fact, we can watch videos immediately by opening the IGTV app.

The IGTV application will be available for both iOS and Android and just came out yesterday June 20,2018.  The Instagram app will begin to integrate the IGTV hub so users can begin to familiarize themselves, which will arrive with the latest update of the application.


During the start, IGTV will be supported by “personalities” such as Kim Kardashian West, Kevin Hart, Lele Pons, Manny Gutierrez, Selena Gomez and Chris Hemsworth, who will support the platform and help make it grow. An important point is that IGTV will not only serve to show videos of up to an hour, but it will be a monetization platform for the creators , Instagram will be trying to grab some of the influencers from youtube.

Within IGTV, content creators can also add links to their web pages and social networks, and can even sell directly, which opens a range of possibilities for brands seeking to market their products.

Instagram 1 billion active users per month

Along with the announcement of IGTV, Instagram announced that they have just overcome the barrier of 1 billion active users per month , a tremendous jump compared to the 800,000 they had announced in September last year. So Instagram is going through a great moment.

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