Now more than ever, businesses have more to benefit from building a solid online presence. Thankfully, it is not the sole preserve of multi-million business establishments. Any small business can easily build an online presence and expand its market reach. Statistics show that in 2018, 50% of small businesses in the country had professional websites. Fast forward to 2021, this shot up to 71%, hoping it will break into the 80th percentile. Here are some reasons you need a website in this modern day.

  • An authentic way to build organic traffic 

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Generating organic traffic is an element to consider as part of your digital marketing activities. It is targeted and, more importantly, becomes a pool for lead generation. What organic traffic does is help you build a better conversion rate. It is also a very useful opportunity to increase your customer base. Modern-day businesses need this type of marketing strategy to intensify revenue-generating activities, so keep this in mind.

  • Builds much-needed credibility

As an entrepreneur, your brand rides on business credibility. These two go hand in hand, but credibility forms the foundation of your brand. A professional site automatically brings your business closer to the target market. It is worth noting that a website is a statement of legitimacy. It often shows the legality of your business and instills trust in the target market’s minds.

With well-crafted content, you can show your expertise, which convinces the market to transact business with you. Admittedly, some questionable establishments also make use of websites in hopes of deceiving the public. However, these entities usually do not last long. Two years ago, Forbes research indicated that 85% of the time, people associate credibility with professional websites. That is enough proof that you need one for your business today, so feel free to consider it. You do not want people to doubt the legitimacy of your business.

  • An excellent way to generate leads

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The lead generation process no longer depends on traditional marketing methods. There is an easier way to do that with the help of a well-designed website. It always starts with a click or a tap on a call-to-action on the site. Statistics indicate that people are browsing the internet 90% of the time. There are many reasons why they do this, including checking for consumer goods or seeking information on specific businesses. Without websites, these two would be impossible to carry out, so keep this in mind.

When people find you online, they would want to know more, which is good news because it is an opportunity to generate leads. The interest shown in your product or service may translate into an actual sale. You can also increase your lead generation intentionally with some strategies. It requires you to be where potential customers are. Your site must also be embedded with plugins that perform integrated lead management. For instance, the Easy Agent PRO will be useful to your website if you are a real estate realtor.