If you’re tired of consumers, shoppers and clients abandoning or emptying their carts, and want a way of reminding old leads and sources of the products and services they bought, you need to do retargeting. Thanks to the popular medium of Instagram, all these efforts are extremely effective now.


  • Retargeting is one of the most trusted effective methods to convert traffic and leads in the digital space you have today.
  • We also refer to it as ‘remarketing,’ which is a strategy involving old sources/leads.
  • These are folks who once visited your site, clicked an advert or put an item in their shopping cart, but didn’t buy it.
  • You can reach back out to them and try to convert their interest to sales.
  • Retargeting is essentially reminder adverts they are designed to make more sales out of the  people who are already familiar with you.
  • The ads target your audiences and lead floating on the cart.
  • Since only 2% of regular and initial web traffic directives lead to conversions on the ground, you’ll find that retargeting entails huge potential to not just enhance your customer base and sales, but your revenue as well.
  • You get results if you invest in consistent and regular efforts across every channel.


Since Facebook owns Instagram, your first step is to install GB Pixel on your website.


The remarketing pathway


Remarketing has drastically changed the way advertisers and marketers engage with potential consumers, allowing them to provide hyper-segmented adverts. They track user behaviors across every section of the buying funnel.


  • Retargeting doesn’t have to be a controversial and chaotic practice since it entirely depends on tracking your traffic/visitors.
  • They can uphold legitimate privacy concerns as everyone has experienced the weird feeling of getting unceasing web page ads for something you searched for on eBay or Amazon several months back.
  • Remarketing or retargeting doesn’t need to be creepy or irritating if you do it right.
  • If you’re strategic and genuine in tone and approach, you can actually help your audience to know about your brand presence.
  • Ultimately, it’s simply the best process of providing viewers/customers with relevant ads on the basis of their past behavior and interests.
  • Apart from helping others finish their transactions, you can target those who view your tutorials and pricing pages.
  • You have the scope of delivering ads catering directly to their needs and interests.
  • Additionally, the diversification of interest-based social media channels like Facebook has helped users to familiarize themselves with interest-target advert ideas, making retargeting a far less cumbersome and conspicuous process.
  • Your first step is to track traffic with Pixel Caffeine or FB Pixel. If you want to retarget, you have to target a specific market.
  • To start, you have to define your audience, and this is where you use Pixel’s visitor tracking.
  • You can use WordPress plugin’s new Pixel Caffeine, or its magic trick to track conversions easily.
  • It helps you to build custom audiences with some clicks.
  • The best part is you can integrate the Pixel with FB dynamic ads to automatically track your visitors.


Segmenting or customizing your audience to retarget 


Your first step is to go to Facebook Pixel Tab and tap the ‘create audience button’. Then create the custom audience you’d want to retarget. You need to select proper website traffic for your audience’s type.


  • The next step is creating an audience dialog box.  You have to enter the details of your target audience.
  • If you want, your custom audience can retarget anybody who visited your website in the last month.
  • Remember that the option of the domain will appear only if you’ve installed your FB pixel on several domains.
  • Always bear in mind that it’s a prudent idea to build audiences on the basis of what you want potential customers to do when they spot your ad
  • Broadly or randomly targeting all website visitors is not a fruitful idea.
  • After you finish creating your retargeting audience, click Create Audience.
  • The third step is to build your ad campaign.
  • You need to open Power editor. You will tap on Create Campaign.
  • The next step is entering the name of your new remarketing campaign.
  • You need to one objective in this regard. These are video views, Mobile App Installs, a website conversions, and clicks to website.
  • After you finish filing every campaign detail, tap on Create.
  • To create your retargeting ad list, you have to edit the ad set first.
  • Setting your schedule and budget is imperative.
  • Next, your market or audience. It will help you to target your old visitors.
  • To automate the process, tap on the Edit Audience button.


Let the ads roar


Instagram advertisements can highlight and bolster your brand with jaw-dropping photos of your products. If you’re a fashion brand, it will display your clothing range in the most sophisticated and appealing manner.


  • The ads appear directly in your followers’ thread.
  • An Instagram advert can drive knowledge and awareness, increasing more website engagement and drawing more followers for Instagram.
  • Tools like SenGrid enables you to make fast Instagram ad campaigns. The tool editor gets your IGG display advert up and running easily and quickly.
  • You just need to follow a few steps to start delivering your ad to an active and interactive audience.
  • SenGrid provides multiple pathways to find your next Instagram shopper.
  • Apart from serving adverts to your current customer list, you can also find new members on the basis of their location, behaviors, and interests and demographics.
  • Customizing your ads is also a crucial part. Depending on a list of individuals you want to show your display ad, you can create specific content just for them.
  • You create a robust display ad and design it for those who received your email marketing campaign, but didn’t or couldn’t open it.
  • You create advertisements for those that opened past emails and newsletters, but couldn’t/didn’t click on the links.


Other good ideas


For fashion and fitness companies, you need to introduce your other resources and brands. Retargeting advertisements can showcase other brands and sites you maintain. Do remember that if your connected website attracts substantial traffic, you need to inform your followers on other sites that you’re awaiting their visit.


You can also announce sales and events. Next time you host you organize a special fashion sale or event, use an advertisement to inform your followers about its date, time, and venue.


Author’s Bio


Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.