Do you have a fair, good, or excellent call to action in your content?

Do you even know what a call to action is?

We will answer what a call to action is today and provide you some tips on making your call to action as excellent as you can make it.

A call to action

A call to action is the way in which you guide your potential customer to perform the desired action, click on a link, sign up for a newsletter, or purchase a product.

It is the single most important factor in your content marketing.

You can have content that is trending as well as better written by the top websites and researched than any other site and yet you’re not getting interaction as far as sign-ups or purchases. The reason for this is your call to action.

If you do not have a call to action or a weak call to action, there is no way to convert visitors to customers. If the action wording is off you will not have the desired conversion that you want.

So now you know how important a good call to action is to have in your content, but how do you make that call to action work? Keep reading; we have several tips to help you have not just a good call to action but an excellent call to action!

Call to action tips for your content strategy

If you practice the following tips you can raise your call to action from fair to good and good to excellent. You will have to work at it but with practice, testing, and tweaking you will find that excellent call to action you are looking for that will lead to higher conversions.

Know your target audience. Know what you want them to do, and what they want as well. They came to your site looking for valuable information; your content provided that. Now you want them to click your call to action. Let’s use a newsletter here. You want your audience to sign up for a newsletter, your call to action could be something like this “subscribe to our newsletter today”. That’s good but if you word your call to action like this, “Don’t miss out on updates and specials, subscribe to the newsletter today!” This is offering an added value if they subscribe. There is a gentle nudge there.

Some of the best and most influential calls to actions are short and straight forward. So be direct, come right out and tell your visitors what you want them to do. If you use a button for them to click, make sure that you also make a text link in case the button does not load completely for them. Obviously, if your picture link does not load all the way you will lose your potential customer. They will just go somewhere else.

Use action verbs. A strong action verb will make it clear what the visitor to your page should do. A strong call to action would be something like this; Call us now or Call Now and Get 10% off. This is not only strong but also offers the visitor extra value with a 10% discount. However, written like this, “10% off if you call now” is even better it is more immediate more urgent.

Make your call to action stand out! You notice in the example above I used a larger red font. Find what works for you. Generally a larger font in a color that goes with your page; you want to make sure that the visitor has no trouble in finding the call to action.

Use a single offer so that your visitor decides quickly to take action. By using a single offer they just need to click the link you provide. If you give the visitor more than one option it will take them longer to take the action and they could end up leaving your site to go elsewhere.

Make your call to action as closely related to your content as you can. Let’s say your content is about healthy eating, your call to action could be; “Get your free healthy eating guide now”.

Deliver what you promised. You need to make sure that when your customer clicks on your call to action they get the report, the discount, or whatever the offer is that you are giving them. Also remember when offering newsletters or as in the example above a guide or e-report that it has valuable information more than what they just read on your site. You are giving them an added value for signing up not rehashing what you already told them.

Track, test, and optimize. Test different calls to action, track the conversion rate on them, tweak and optimize. Use different calls to action for different things. Keeping your call to action fresh and relevant to your content will help provide you more conversions.

Use social media. Connect with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. One thing you need to remember here is – don’t just ask them to “like” or “share” your page, give them an added value; “Follow us on Facebook and receive a 10% discount on your next purchase.” Another would be; “Share your favorite product on twitter for an entry to win a $10.00 gift card.”

A few things to remember when you are working on your call to action are provided value, use action verbs, and test multiple versions. Also remember to use a different call to action on different pages. The call to action needs to be as relevant to the content as possible.


With a little work, research, and testing you can make your call to action go from fair to excellent. Keep the tips we have provided here in mind when working on your call to action when you are tweaking your call to actions and test them out. Keep working on them even after your conversion rate rises; just like the marketing trends your call to action is always going to need to be tweaked and made unique.


Tips on Using Call to Action in Your Content Strategy was last modified: August 31st, 2016 by Brian Manon