Making money with your blog is possible, but it takes work and patience. Are you an Tortoise or the Hare? To be able to monetize your work as a blogger, you will have to work like an Tortoise. So, Hare’s, this article is not for you. If you think you have what it takes, read on …

Monetizing a blog or website is a dream shared by many bloggers and webmasters. Today I bring you some tips that will help you get on your way to becoming a profitable blogger. These tips are from my own experience and those from mentors I follow.

Choose your niche wisely

When we start an online marketing campaign, we are often afraid to focus only on our target audience. Our intuition tells us that if we do, we run the risk of losing potential customers. But in online marketing we must focus 100% of our attention on our target audience. The traffic itself has no value, what really matters is how targeted the traffic is.

If you want to make money with your blog, it is better that you be as specific as you can with your niche. The more specific your blog is, the more targeted your target audience will be and the more value you can provide them with the product you sell.

Generates lots and only quality content

Once a niche is chosen, the real job begins. You will have to generate very good quality content to get you in position. To do this you must make a list of keywords and develop a plan for content considering the SEO and interests of your target audience. You must write at least once a week, the more you write, the better your google ranking will be. The quality of content is vital, both Google and your readers will only consider your blog if your content is good. Social media will also be vital when it comes to attracting visitors to your blog, if your content is really good it has a chance of going viral.

If you want to make money you need to be patient

After months of writing, you may be tempted to throw in the towel. Your visitor count will be very low the first few months . Google rewards perseverance and seniority. Google does not usually give visibility to new sites. After 6 months of weekly religiously publishing, you will begin to see that Google will start ranking your site and you will see a steady flow of traffic coming in from SEO. Once this happens you need to kick it into high gear and start publishing more, do not slow down.

And the truth is, the famous “passive income” that everyone talks about is not passive at all. You take hours and hours of work generating content, streamlining your social networks, marketing your site … The good thing is that your hard work will be rewarded.

Once you have a good amount of targeted traffic you should start thinking about monetizing your blog.

Respect your readers

When you begin to consider ways to make money with your blog, do not lose sight of the interests of your readers. No one likes being bombarded with advertising, encountering uncomfortable banners or pop ups that do not interest them. Only offers products that are of interest to your readers, in a respectful and non-invasive way. If your blog turns into a circus full of colorful lights or elements that make reading difficult, your readers will always feel that you have sold yourself out, and will lose the confidence they had in you. Your audience should be very targeted so offer them what they want and you will make money.




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