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Social media marketing is a great way to increase engagement and drive traffic to your business, but not everyone is doing it right. If you want to leverage the some 1.5 billion active daily users on Facebook or benefit from the amazing 1.73 percent engagement rate of branded posts on Instagram, there are a few things you need to do…


Use Facebook Call Buttons


Facebook call buttons should be featured in your ads on that platform as standard. Why? Because they remove one more barrier between you and the customer, enabling them to call you directly from the ad without ever having to click onto your landing page. No wait times, no issues with loading, nothing to make them think twice – it’s perfect.


Take Advantage of Life Events


A large percentage of people posting on social media are posting about important life events such as getting married or giving birth to their first child. This is good news for you because you can use these life events to target your audience with a greater degree of accuracy. For example, if you happen to sell flowers, you could use Facebook’s Life Events parameter to filter out targets who are planning their wedding, and thus more likely to be thinking about flowers at this time. This will save you time and money while increasing your hit rate substantially.


Stay on Message


Perhaps the most important aspect of doing social media marketing right is staying on message. If your content is vastly different every time you post, you’ll find it hard to build a rapport with your audience, and they won’t know whether they can trust you or not. With a content marketing platform, staying on message is easier than ever because you can create templates, share documents and create uniform content. That isn’t to say your content should be stale – you should keep innovating, but do so in a way that is ultimately recognizable to your brand.


Use Video Content


It has been projected that around 82 percent of all consumer traffic will come from video content by 2021 – that’s only a year away. That means, if you aren’t already using video content on social media, you are well behind the times and you need to rectify that right now. There are lots of options when it comes to video content, but Facebook Live is a pretty good choice because not only is it very popular, but it also comes across as ‘spare of the moment’ which means you don’t necessarily need a polished script or the most expensive video equipment. Not only that, but it can help to make your business seem more authentic.


Create Communities


If you want your social media efforts to really benefit your business, it pays to create communities centered on the most actionable hashtags in your niche. Hashtags are still used all the time on social media and they can really help you get your message out to the most interested parties, assist you in building links with your customers and create advocates for your brand, all without necessarily having to spend a single cent.


Don’t let your social media go stale, keep innovating and keep them interested.