As a small company, your marketing demands are unique, and you don’t always have the money, time, or skill to establish your work as it might be.

You can advertise your online material in different ways. Video marketing in especially is getting more and more popular. However, for small business owners, the idea of creating scratch videos can be a barrier, mostly due to the perceived expenses.


Furthermore, while all marketing methods need some capital, it is possible to produce quality videos in various affordable ways. You will have to develop a clearly defined action plan to get the best results.


In this article, I will discuss why video marketing for small businesses can be highly effective. I will also explore the process of creating and sharing your marketing videos on WordPress.


What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a fast and efficient method to promote your goods and services. In contrast to video advertising that promotes interests and increases sales, the content of video marketing tries to engage with your customers more effectively. Video marketing can help you enhance your online presence, boost your awareness of brands, increase engagement and build confidence. Video advertising is a video marketing subset that enables businesses to make sales for their products or services.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

We know that you have a lot on your plate as a small business owner. And video may seem like just another thing to do on your to-do list. However, there are several ways video can help your business grow, and we’ll go through them in this section.


Get Discovered

Making and sharing videos for your business is also an excellent way to attract new prospective customers.


Integrating video into your website can help you grow better in search results. But it isn’t all. You can also use YouTube to get your videos in front of people looking for videos related to your business or industry.


Consider Google stock. 70% of millennial YouTube viewers watched YouTube over the last year to learn how to do something new or learn more about everything they’re interested in.  You can show in their search results by uploading videos that answer frequent questions about your company.

Increased Traffic

When you host video directly on your website using Wistia (rather than on a third-party platform like YouTube), you drive traffic to your site rather than a third-party platform. Even better, Wistia’s video search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that backlinks go directly to your website, resulting in a higher page ranking.


Video can also improve your site visitors’ user experience, resulting in reduced bounce rates and more time spent on site.  Therefore, keep an eye on your metrics and use the free tools available to help you monitor your video ROI (ROI).


Help Standout from the Competition

More businesses are using video in their marketing campaigns. The number of small and medium-sized companies on YouTube has more than doubled in the past two years.

If your competitors are not using video yet, they may be soon. And getting started today can set you apart.

It’s also not too late if your competitors are already using video. Video can be an effective way of establishing trust and showing how and why you are unique.

Getting Started With Video Marketing

Effective video marketing takes time and effort, but it is achievable regardless of the size of your business. Before you start, there are a few things you should think about to optimize your outcomes. Let’s go through the procedures below:


Determine Your Campaign’s Purpose

Before you start, you first must determine why you are creating a video marketing campaign. A clear vision of what you’d like to achieve can help you make strategic decisions – both about the content itself and how you’ll share it in the future.


A specific goal will help assure that everyone on your team is on the same page. Making a video can be a labor of love, so it’s likely to be a collaborative process. So that, you’ll want to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with it understands what your ultimate goal is.


To go there, start by asking yourself a few questions:


  • Who is your target audience?
  • Which buyer persona are you aiming for?
  • Do you want to create brand awareness? How can I sell more event tickets? Is it time to launch a new product? Or is it something entirely different?


Taking the time to answer these questions will ensure that every decision you make throughout the creation process supports your video’s overall purpose. It will also give you a better idea of the activities you wish your audience to do after watching it.


Provide Your Campaigns a Reasonable Budget

Although video marketing is commonly believe to be highly expensive, some investments are essential to winning. Most of all, you have to determine which equipment is needed.

High-quality content performs the best, so you may wish to invest in a good camera. The price of lighting, sound equipment, and editing software will also need to consider.

After all, you could also use a smartphone to record your videos. Recent versions of the most popular models include progressively high-quality cameras, making this a feasible choice. However, you’ll still need to get a microphone since most mobile phone audio isn’t adequate for the task.

Create Content With Your Targeted Audience

To create an effective video campaign, keep your targeted audience’s interests in mind. Your video may fail if you will be unable to engage them.


Likewise, keep in mind that your marketing videos do not have to be too pushy.

You can encourage consumers to interact with the brand in a variety of ways. Here are some examples:


  • How-to video. This type of video teaches your viewers how to do a specific task. These videos are an excellent method to attract attention to certain products or services.
  • Brand videos. These videos provide a behind-the-scenes look at how your company works or the essential principles you hold. These can also be used as part of a more extensive marketing campaign.


Creating video content that provides genuine value to your audience’s life is more likely to capture their attention. Studies have shown that when businesses take a more tailored strategy to market, 93% of them experience increased conversion rates.


Post Your Video to Your Website

Finally, choose a video hosting platform. Uploading a video to one of these services allows you to share it and integrate it on your WordPress website easily. There are many options available, but YouTube and Vimeo are very popular.


Luckily, the introduction of WordPress’s Block Editor has made integrating a video from any of the top video hosting sites. To start, copy the URL of the video you want to watch.


Next, go to the WordPress post or site where you want to include the video. Copy the following URL and paste it into the content area:

WordPress will get the embed code for your video and display it as long as you do this. Then you can publish the content to add it to your website. Anyone who visits your website can now watch your prepared video.

Final Thoughts

Video editing and marketing at first may seem overwhelming, but you can create high-quality, completely brand-specific content with little practice and patience.


Businesses are no longer unaware of their growing popularity since most customers view more on video online.  Fortunately, this was never easier to create great content!


Videos are guaranteed to have been of interest to your audience and display information in a new and exciting way. Grab a camera, start to record and watch your enthusiasm increase. It’s indeed time to turn your marketing plan into an essential part of your video.



Jennysis Lajom is an IT graduate, a chemist, an eCommerce business owner, and a Korean drama fan. Her passion for digital marketing led her to a career in graphic design, editing, and social media marketing. She is also one of the resident SEO writers in the Softvire US and Softvire Australia