Marketing is the lifeblood of many companies these days and when there is a global pandemic in the horizon it becomes more and more important for companies to be able to break through the noise to share their content with their audiences.


If you are new to business and looking for some help setting up an online marketing campaign for your new business, we have some help for you today.


Here is how to sell yourself online with an online campaign and reach the people you want to this year with success.


Create something eye catching


The first step to creating a great banner ad or social media ad is to catch the eye. You can do this either by creating a colourful image for your advert or you can go one step further and create a video to really draw people in. Creating an image or a video is important to catch the eye and you can find tools such as Canva to make this easier for you. Think about what you want to say and ensure you reach the right people in the right way and break through your competition.

Have a clear goal


Make sure when you set a campaign up that you have a clear goal. It is easy for smaller companies to simply throw money into a social media post or ad in the hopes of boosting their visibility but if you don’t have a goal to reach then how do you know how much money to put into it? If you are looking to gain 20 leads from your ad and you have a conversion rate of 2% – you will need to put in enough money to attract 1000 people to you advert to begin with in order to get that 20 people to click through to your website or buy your product. Consider a reasonable goal for the size of your business and make sure it is reachable. Sometimes it will take more than one try to get it right but once you do, you can use the same formula each time.

Use a workflow tool


When creating and managing a campaign online tools can be a useful thing to bring to the table. When you are a new business owner getting used to your marketing efforts, a demand side platform is a great idea because it will allow you to look at engagement and conversions and plan your next moves.

Understand CPC


Cost per click is the formula for determining the cost of a keyword in your ad. If you are using a keyword on Google AdWords it will cost a certain amount for certain keywords depending on their popularity and their strength. Choose a keyword that has strength but is not too popular to get the most out of your ads because this means when someone searches your keyword there won’t be too many other ads running alongside yours that a person could click on instead.