When it comes to running a brand new business such as a restaurant, you won’t get very far if you don’t keep up with marketing and getting yourself out there. You will only be as strong as the customers that keepcoming through the door. In order to keep them coming through the door, it is up to you to entice them with new and exciting products. One way to keep them updated is through the use of a blog on your website. Take a look below at why a blog could save your business from sinking.

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Keeping Track


When you are setting up your business, if you create a blog as one of the first things you do then you can keep people updated with progress. If you need some inspiration on how to set up your business then take a look at what Jon Sears recommends. Your customers and clients will love looking at updates on how your business is slowly being built up from the ground. They will be eager to walk through your doors when they are officially open. You can put anything and everything on your site, from any setbacks you have with materials or contractors to official open dates. Having a blog before you open is a great way to build a connection with your customers.


Menu Updates


Having a blog means you can keep everyone updated with your products and services. This means you won’t have to explain it every time customers come into your restaurant. You can let them know which meals you are removing if any. You can also fill them in on anything yummy that is about to join the menu. Hyping up certain products, especially if you’re not convinced they will do well will ensure customers want to try them. You could also recommend the monthly specials on your website to entice people through the doors.


Recipe Ideas


A blog is a great place to suggest recipe ideas to your customers. They might be excited to try some of your meals at home. They don’t have to be your exact recipe as you have to keep them coming back to you somehow. Suggesting different family meals, and perhaps how to make them as cheap as possible will help your readers out. You could even have guest posts on your blog, these can be from anyone writing food-related articles. Something else that will stand out on your blog is recipe posts from actual customers. You could ask customers to share their favorite recipes and post once a week or once a month.


Upcoming Events


Finally, if your restaurant is used for various functions and events then your blog is a great place to post about them. If people are using your restaurant then this provides a great source of income as well as publicity. It means you are happy for people to make use of your kitchens and eating areas. You could hold wedding receptions or birthday parties for example. You could also do public events such as bingo or quiz nights. The winners could receive a free meal or a voucher to spend in your restaurant.