So, you’ve decided to start a blog. You’ve spent hours poring over WordPress templates, and you’ve written your About Me page so that people know what you’re all about. These are the easy parts, though. The true test comes when you actually sit down and write content for your blog. One of the first things you need to discover is your blogging voice which is a crucial element of your brand, but it is more challenging to discover this voice than you might expect.

Write What You Know

Your blogging niche should be something you are familiar with because readers will quickly realize whether you know what you are talking about or not.


Too many novice bloggers try to cast a wide net and discuss everything under the sun, but this comes across as too much of a jack-of-all-trades scenario where you aren’t fully committed to anything.


If you can write what you know, you’ll have no trouble sharing thoughts and experiences with authority. You can lift the curtain on details others might not know about, and this will help you establish your voice.


Balance Personality With Blogging Rules

Every blogger needs a personality, but you also need to make sure that you can get your posts ranked on search engines. This can pose a problem for novice bloggers who just want to get everything in their heads onto the page.


Implementing natural SEO keywords into your posts will help you find the perfect balance. The same goes for formatting and pictures. You might not think SEO is that important for a casual blogger, but it will help you build your audience.

Know Your Audience

As you grow your audience, it’s worth getting to know who they are. As they have arrived at your blog, you can assume your readers share some of your interests, and you can use this to target them more succinctly.


Comment sections give you the chance to interact with your audience (although you will need to be careful about boats and trolling). You can also use your influence to recommend products that matter to them.


If you have military experience or discuss grief, recommending funeral urns for veterans can create a stronger and more authentic connection with your audience.


Go the Extra Mile and Find Your Angle

Type any question into Google and you’ll find hundreds of blog posts that all say the same thing. With so many different voices to compete with, you need to find a way to stand out.


You can do this by going the extra mile and finding a unique angle. Digging deeper or approaching your posts from a different perspective makes your content more interesting and appealing. This makes it more likely that audiences will share it, and it could introduce them to a perspective they had not considered.


Speaking Up

Finding your voice as a blogger will help your audience connect with you. Through this, you can build your reputation and make people excited to hear what you have to say next. Whether you opt for a formal and authoritative voice that people cannot argue with, or prefer to play it light and cool to ensure you entertain, finding your voice is crucial.