Operating a niche business is a great way to bring profit and attention to your door. Along the same lines, running a niche blog is a great way to carve out a portion of the internet for yourself. After all, the more you delve into a very specific topic, the more you can curate an attentive and paying audience!

Which is why it’s key to know your niche topics before you start blogging. There are a lot more out there than you may think, and some of them deserve a little more love from the mainstream internet. With this in mind, let’s go through three areas where the niches are more profitable than ever before.

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There are a lot of hobbies a person can pick up across their lifetime. As such, there are a lot of profitable niches within the hobbies umbrella! And if you’ve got a specific hobby that few of your friends are also into, why not get online and write about it?

Dancing and singing, for example, are two great niches that can turn a quick profit. People love to be able to find a talent in these areas; if you make some monetized video tutorials and/or offer online consulting for people who want to learn, your earning potential will rise as you make more and more content.

The Legal Sector

Legal blogs can make a lot of money simply due to their nature as a sector wide service. All kinds of companies and individuals need lawyers from time to time, and making your office well known can bring a lot of clients your way. However, that’s not the only way you can make money.

For example, blogs such as Zarwin Baum can give readers valuable insights into the way the law works. Take a similar approach and one day you can use this authority to write, publish, and sell things like E-books or online courses to your audience. On the other hand, if you want to run adverts on your website, you’ll have to check with local laws first; but if you are permitted to do so, always think about how running legal adverts could take away from your own profit line.

Food and Cuisine

Cuisine is as varied as the world is round, and seeing as there are a lot of cultures and recipes out there, you could make a lot of money blogging about this subject. However, you’ve got to be careful here more than the niches above, as cuisine is already widely blogged about. But, you can still monetize your efforts to great success.

You need to pick a purpose, most of all. Do you want to make baking easier for people? Do you want to focus on family meals? Do you want to uplift the vegan lifestyle? Pick a topic and build your brand around it.

Some blogging niches are profitable in a way you wouldn’t believe! Get blogging with ideas like those above in mind.