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If you do something like content marketing for a long time it ends up getting stale. Your heart isn’t really in it and your audience starts to become uninterested. In these situations, it’s time for a shakeup. But what, exactly, should you shake up?

After all, you don’t want to change the wrong thing and end up losing that bit of oomph that you’ve still got left. Fear not! Today we’re going to talk about things that you can change so that your content marketing ends up fresher and more exciting than it was, without losing what you already had.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Do a content audit

What’s a content audit? It’s where you take the time to go through the content that you’ve got, to see what’s still working, what’s outdated and what needs a new boost. This is also where you find out if any of your links are broken.

While you’re doing this audit, make sure you keep a notebook handy, as often in the process of going through your site, you’ll stumble upon concepts and ideas that you plain forgot about as time went along. These might be fascinating and interesting and allow you to explore areas in your content marketing niche that you had completely forgotten were out there.

Audience research

Take the time to really drill into who your audience is. You can do so passively, for example by looking at what other pages they like on social media. For example, in the Ad Manger on Facebook, you can explore what other kinds of websites the people that like your website enjoy (you can find this out under ‘audience’ and ‘insights). Then you can explore these websites and see if you can make what they’re doing your own.

Note that the best thing is not to focus on the content that they’re creating right now, but what they did a few months ago. Chances are your audience has forgotten all about that and if you can re-explore it (And add some interesting twists) you’re in a good position to re-energize your audience.

Alternatively, you can also hit them up with a questionnaire. There are plenty of platforms out there that allow you to put one together. Throw these out there, offer a prize, and get a more in-depth understanding of the wants and wants of the people that visit your site. This can then inform your content creation strategy.

Google Analytics

Stop trusting your gut. Instead, trust the numbers. Take the time to really understand Google Analytics (or whatever program you’re using). This means looking beyond the glory numbers like how many visitors you’re getting per day.

Instead, focus on such things as which of your stories have the lowest bounce rates, which lead to the most conversions, and what pages are causing referrals. Then use that to inform your content marketing strategy.

The goal is to find ways to give the audience you’ve got the actual content that they actually want.

Create more opportunities for audience participation

If you’re in a position where you’ve got followers on social media, try to get them involved in content creation. For example, if you’re a clothing brand, have them pose with your clothes and offer a prize for the best shots. In this way, you can create engagement and use social media to best effect.

Don’t stop there, either. Make certain that when your audience interacts with you over social media, you’re there to thank them, congratulate them in other means make them feel wanted and desired. It might take a bit of time, but if you do this well, then you’ll be able to create a real community. And then there’s a good chance you’ll be in the fortunate position that they end up creating content for you.

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Plan a series

Sometimes what all your content marketing needs to get a fresh start is to focus on one central idea for a while. If you’ve got some kind of content that you can’t really handle in one post, then consider mapping it out over several. Really sit down and explore all the facets of the idea and then write it up into a series of articles that you can publish over a series of weeks.

The great thing about this is that you can create the expectation in your audience, with every single post offering a new facet to a complete story. Doing this well and effectively can dramatically reduce your bounce rate and can, in fact, lead to quite a strong SEO increase.

What’s more, while you’re writing up these pieces you’ve got time to consider what topic you’re going to tackle next. This extra space will allow you to come up with new ideas and new insights to keep your content marketing fresh.

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Last words

Content marketing is ultimately about putting the information out there that your potential customers want to read and think about. For that reason, work starts with them and what they’ve shown an interest in to refresh your efforts.

Whether this means you approach them directly or you simply look what they’ve done in the past is up to you. Both strategies work well, as both can give you a good idea of what your visitors actually want.

Then, when you’ve got an idea what they’re after, find ways to expand on that area. From there you should find your content marketing area refreshed and revitalized.

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