Everyone knows of Pinterest.  You use it late at night to find cool recipes, cleaning hacks, inspiring quotes, and more.  It’s great when you have some free time to browse the Internet but, did you know that Pinterest is an awesome, FREE untapped source of marketing for your business?  Pinterest is a great place to find customers.  With a couple simple techniques, you can use it to transform your business and get loads of customers month after month.

In this blog post you will learn 5 free strategies for optimizing your Pinterest account for growth and drive customer traffic to your business.

Here are 5 tips for using Pinterest for marketing:

1. Setting up your professional profile

First, you want to make sure you have a Pinterest account for your business. Completely  fill out your profile.  This means add an image (business logo, personal photo of owner, etc.), write a keyword rich description, and add your store url.

Next, you want to have at least 10 boards with a minimum of 10 pins on each board.  The more boards the better, so if you can have 20 or 30 boards, even better.  With Pinterest, being specific is key.

For example, if you own a bakery, instead of having boards like Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Entrees, why not dive deeper?  Some better boards? Chocolate, Seafood, Allergy friendly recipes, Kids meals, etc.  What’s better?  Have both types of boards shown in the example above.  Once your profile and boards are set up, it’s time to upgrade your account.

2.Upgrade your Pinterest account

Ok, so you’re not actually upgrading your account.  There is no option for that on Pinterest right now.  But, you are going to make your account a business account and add rich pins.

You’ll visit Pinterest for Business and set your account as a business account. It’s free and it’ll give you access to business tools like Analytics and Promoted Pins.

What Pinterest Analytics Tells You About Your Audience

Rich pins add a little extra information to each pin.  It’s a great way to brand your pins even further and get more business exposure.

Visit the Pinterest Rich Pins page to get started.

3. Get pinning

The best way to grow your followers on Pinterest and get loads of traffic is to get pinning!  Be active and pin often.  You will want to pin at least 25 times a day.  Top pinners pin hundreds of times daily.  Who has that kind of time?  I’ll tell you how YOU can pin several times a day (even hundreds of times daily) without being chained to your computer on Pinterest all day.  You use automation tools!

Automation tools sync to your Pinterest account.  You spend an hour a week (or less) setting up your pinning queue and the tool will pin on your behalf on autopilot all week long!  Some examples:  Tailwind, Boardbooster, Buffer, etc.

4. Join Group Boards

Pinterest has group boards.  These are themed boards with more than one collaborator.  An example:


To find group boards, first you want to think about what kind of business you have (your niche) and target related boards.  Go to Pingroupie (it’s free) and search for boards in your niche.


How to Use Pingroupie:


Step 1:

Visit Pingroupie.com.  If you don’t have any specific group boards in mind, search by description.


Using the bakery example shared above, imagine you’d like to search for Dessert Group Boards.

Step 2:

Type your search term in the Description (as shown above) then hit Enter

Step 3:

Get your results

You can sort the results by number of collaborators, followers, likes, pins, or repins.  You can click directly on the board title to go to that board.


For example, if you’d like to join the Desserts group board (the first result above) click the board title.

It will take you to the Pinterest group board.

From here, on some boards there are instructions for joining the board. If instructions are present, they usually say to email the admin at their email address (shown in board description).  If instructions are not present (shown above), you can go to the admin’s page, find their website and email address to contact them requesting to join the board. That’s it!


Here’s an example of a group board with instructions on joining:

You can see the email address the admin left along with instructions for applying to join as a collaborator and the board rules.

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5. Join Facebook engagement groups for Pinterest

Have you heard of Facebook groups?  Just like Pinterest has group boards, Facebook has groups.  On Facebook, groups will revolve around a theme and exist for collaboration, learning, and networking.


You will find engagement groups for Pinterest, like Pinning Ain’t Easy, for example:

Pinning Ain’t Easy is an engagement group that offers engagement threads for members.  What’s an engagement thread?  It’s a thread for engagement to your blog or business.

Some examples:

  • Share for share threads (Ex. Pinterest pins, Stumbleupon shares, etc.)
  • Like for like threads (Ex. Facebook likes, etc.)
  • Follow for follow threads (Ex. Pinterest follows, Facebook follows, etc.)

Search Facebook for related boards in your niche and click the Join button.  Want a list of my 75 Facebooks groups I’m a member of?  Grab it for free.


There you have it, 5 easy, free strategies to grow your Pinterest account like crazy and get traffic to your business.  Implementing these strategies is straight forward and you should be able to complete all 5 in one day.  From there, sit back and watch your traffic grow.  The most successful Pinterest marketers are obsessed with the platform.  With the help of these tips and 5 free strategies, you will soon be in the ranks of them.

Follow me, Jenn Leach, creator of Drink Coffee & Prosper and Love My Blog, in my journey of conquering the blogosphere using simple techniques to  easy strategies to grow my blog.

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