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Since Pinterest came on the scene it has been one of my favorite social media sites to get traffic from. I have 10 different Pinterest accounts that I use for different niches that drive over 20k visitors a month to my sites.   Today I want to talk to you about how Pinterest Analytics can help you learn more about your target audience.

To connect with your potential / ideal clients on Pinterest you have to be very clear about what interests them, so that you know what kind of content to create or share with them.If we share with them something that interests them, they will be more likely to repin and like our content.

I use a lot statistics from different social networks in order to find out what interests my fans have. Social Media is a very powerful tool when trying to find out information on your target audience. Today I will tell you what information we collect about our audience on Pinterest.

In order to start using Analytics on Pinterest you must have a business account and you have to activate analytics. You can do this in your account settings. Once you’ve done that, the next day (takes a while to gather the first data) you can check your statistics for your Pinterest account and your website. The statistics of this network are divided into 3 main sections. Let’s check them out!

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Pinterest Profile statistics

Pinterest Profile Statistics


In this section you can see the results you are having with your Pinterest profile. You can see how many impressions (times you appear in the feed) and how many visits (people entering your profile). In addition you can see what pins have the most repins and which board they were pinned from. This can help you see what kind of content is more successful and what your most effective boards are. You can also see which pins have been liked and what pins have generated the most clicks … This data will help you know if what you’re doing on Pinterest is giving you good results or if you have to change your strategy.

Statistics about your audience

Pinterest Audience Statistics


The data in this section will help you learn a little more about your audience. The first thing you have in this section is the demographics this will allow you to see the sex, country of origin and the language of your followers. The sex thing may be a little biased and tends to appear that there are always more women than men, since Pinterest is a social network mostly used by women. The second part and one of the most important parts in Pinterest Analytics is the section on the interests of your followers. You can now see what kind of content your followers are most interested in, what boards they are Pinning your content to and what other companies they are interested in. This data can help you figure out what content your followers are most interested in.

Your Website Data

Pinterest Website Statistics


And last but not least is the data collected from your own site. Here you can see which pins added from your web have had the most impressions, most clicks, most repins and what boards you can find them in. This will help you see if you are creating content on your website that visitors are pinning to pinterest and which post are driving the most traffic to your site .

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