One of the biggest challenges of running an online business is that customers have a good reason to be skeptical about the websites that they visit. If they have never heard of you before, how are they to assure themselves that you are a legit business and that your site is safe? Your business needs credibility to stand up in the online world, and here are a few ways that you can help build it.

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Show off your knowledge

It’s not easy to contradict competence. If you want your customers and visitors to see that you clearly know what you’re talking about, then you should talk about your business. By starting a business blog, you can help address questions, provide tips, and publish informational content that shows you have a good knowledge of your work, your industry, and what your customers are looking for. Over time, this helps build the impression that you’re competent and credible.


Take a place of prominence

You have to think about how customers tend to find the online businesses they’re going to partner with and rely upon. In a lot of cases, search engines are going to be a big help. Finding the help you need with services like TopSEOs can make sure you’re taking the top spot in relevant search queries. If you’re more visible in search engines like Google, customers are more likely to believe that your business is legit. After all, they trust Google (mostly) to give them relevant results to their queries and, as such, that trust can be transplanted to the sites they’re directed to.


Make use of word-of-mouth

All of your direct marketing runs up against the obstacle that is the natural skepticism of the audience. If they know a marketing message is coming directly from your brand, they’re less likely to trust it. This is why you should do what you can to promote your happy customers and clients to leave positive reviews both on and off the site, and to give glowing testimonials the space to breathe on your site. You may also want to consider working with influencer marketing firms like Lyfe Marketing to make sure that you have well-reputed influencers bigging up the brand, too.


Get heard outside your site

You shouldn’t let your customers do all the talking for you, however. You can just as easily help build your own credibility by making sure that your voice is heard in the right places. Websites like TheSpeakerLab can help you get speaking engagements that allow you to become a known figure. The same can be said of writing guest pieces for well-known publications like Medium, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. If you have good ideas for discussions and content, save some of them to share through these signal-boosting platforms.


Credibility does take time to build. You have to be able and willing to run with the positive reception that you get and work towards making your site more reliable looking and trustworthy. However, the better first impression you will eventually be able to make is more reliable looking and trustworthy. However, the better first impression you will eventually be able to make is more than worth it.