There’s an incredibly powerful new sales and marketing tool out there, and your business is missing out if you haven’t tried it yet. This tool can help you boost sales, decrease costs, improve the customer experience, and qualify and nurture new leads. It can revolutionize the way your customers view your brand, and the way you market and sell. This impactful new resource is a Facebook Messenger bot.


What a Messenger bot is

A bot is a piece of software that you can fill with content. This content will be released to users in a conversational style via Facebook Messenger—piece by piece, depending on what they ask it. You’ve likely interacted with a chatbot before, and you may not have even realized; they’re designed to chat with users just like a human would.


The fact that these bots exist in Messenger is exactly what makes them so effective. Facebook’s chat platform was designed for conversations with family and friends. Chatbots allow you to enter this intimate space and converse with users in the same kind of friendly style they’re used to, giving the messages you send a lot of power.


What a Messenger chatbot can do for your business

Once you discover their many impactful applications, you’ll wonder why you didn’t build a Facebook Messenger bot sooner! Most any business with an online presence can benefit from a bot, because they can cut costs and increase sales in a number of ways. A bot can help you:

  • Save time and resources. How much time is your customer support team wasting answering the same questions again and again? Build a simple bot equipped with these FAQs and helpful answers to each, and your staff suddenly has far more free time to devote to other tasks. Answering repeat inquiries is just one way a bot can save you both time and operational costs.
  • Learn about your customers. Once a user engages with your bot on Messenger, you now have access to a wealth of demographic information from their Facebook profile. A bot will also store a history of the conversations it has with each user. All of this customer data and lead information is invaluable to you as a business, as you can use it to better serve and market to users in the future. By utilizing a bot’s capabilities as a mini-CRM, you can enjoy benefits like increased sales and return on ad spend.
  • Reach a wider audience. Average email open rates hover around 20%. Open rates for messages from a Messenger chatbot are far higher—a whopping 80%. Click-through rates are astonishingly high, too: 20% compared to email’s 2%. So not only will your brand messaging reach more of your existing users, but a bot can help you gain new users to market to as well. Just having a chatbot can impress and attract new customers, especially the younger, more tech-savvy generations. Plus, it’s easy to link your Facebook ad campaigns to your bot, so you can bring even more prospects into the world of 80% open rates and 20% CTRs—boosting sales and brand awareness.
  • Do whatever you do best. Chatbots aren’t just for sending messages with text. Restaurants can use them to seamlessly take reservations and to-go orders. E-commerce businesses can use them to give product recommendations and send cart abandonment messages. Recruiters can use them to sort through candidates and applications. Facebook allows you to integrate your bot with scores of third-party applications so you can tailor your bot’s functions to your unique business.



Tips for building the best bot


The benefits sound fantastic—but how easy is it to get a bot for your business up and running? The great news is that you can build one yourself, without code, on any number of free platforms. Once it’s up and running, there are some tricks you can adopt to make a basic bot even better:

  1. Design with the user in mind. A big mistake companies make when building a bot is not having a real purpose in mind. A chatbot won’t have much of an impact if it doesn’t actually serve customers. Before you start, speak with your support staff. Find out what subjects prospects and customers ask about the most or have problems with most often. Then, design your bot to answer those inquiries and mitigate those concerns. Bots that make a user’s life easier in some way will be far more likely to skyrocket sales.
  2. Get more users. A chatbot won’t do you much good if it doesn’t have users to interact with. There are a few things you can do to bring more users to your bot. First, it’s quite easy to link your Facebook ad campaigns to your bot.  You can have your ads redirect users to Messenger, or have your ad appear directly within Messenger. Or, if you already have a lot of prospects and customers interacting on your Facebook page, you can set up a feature to direct them right to your bot.
  3. Use your power wisely. Don’t let the excitement of having so many new prospects at your fingertips get to your head. The last thing you want to do is abuse your presence in their inbox and those high open and click-through rates. Treat it like the privilege it is to interact with customers this closely. Strive to provide only content they’ll find helpful. Balance promotions with informational or entertaining messages so you can maintain user trust and avoid exhausting their attention.



Facebook chatbots are rapidly gaining popularity in the business world, but the technology is still relatively new. Now is the perfect time to jump on the bot bandwagon: More users are becoming familiar with them, but they’re still considered to be a cutting-edge, exciting new tool. Start experimenting with a chatbot for your business today, and watch the increased sales and other impressive results begin to stack up.

About Author:

Bojana is a book lover with experience in recruitment and project management. Currently making sparkly content at Chatfuel and she is just obsessed with chatbots. Her biggest passion is finding creative ways to help people to recognize and improve their skills – as their friend, employee, assistant, mentor or as a creator of strategy in that purpose.