Instagram Swipe-Up was an excellent feature for marketers, influencers, and business owners. With it, they could direct their hard-earned following to the helpful resources they wanted to promote.


But in 2021, Instagram announced the retirement of this feature and introduced the Link Sticker. So, if you are a marketer, influencer, or business owner affected by the swipe-up feature’s retirement, this blog post is for you.


By the end of this blog post, you will be able to understand;

  • What an Instagram link sticker is.
  • How you can replace the swipe-up feature with the link sticker, &
  • How you can customize the Instagram link sticker for your business growth.

What Was the Instagram Swipe-Up Feature?

On Instagram, there are only a few options offered by the platform to drive the audience to any other web page-and Instagram Swipe-Up was one of those features.

With it, brands, influencers, and businesses send traffic to the relevant web page. Whether it is a well-designed landing page, informative checklist, eBook download page link, website, or eCommerce store, marketers were able to add links in their stories.

So, when an audience sees their stories, they can quickly shift to the business’s page by swiping up the story or clicking on the arrow mentioned at the bottom of the story to take further actions (if they are interested in doing so).

Here is how.



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Why is Instagram Swipe-Up no Longer Available?

In June 2021, Instagram announced app updates and new features to streamline creativity. Replacing the swipe-up feature will improve and enhance the functionality of Instagram stories and boost the creativeness of marketers.


So, by this ‘more creative control,’ it means that the link sticker feature is better than the previous swipe-up feature in the following ways.


  • Unlike the swap-up feature, link stickers give more creative control. Marketers can format the looks and make their stories more personalized. Visitors have to tap the link to visit the webpage.
  • Your audience can still send you comments on your story and visit the link simultaneously.
  • Instagram users are more familiar with stickers. Users have been using it for polls, locations, and questions.


So, if you are against this change, you have to focus on the advantages.

How to Add Links in Your Instagram Stories?

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With the Link Sticker feature, you can add links to your IG story in a few steps.

  1. Open the Instagram app and click the [+] sign.
  2. Select the ‘story’ option and add images you want to upload.
  3. In the top row, tap the sticker icon. Then you will be asked to add the URL you want your followers to visit.
  4. Add the sticker text. You can use the domain name or any call-to-action.
  5. Place the sticker on your story. You can drag and change the location. If you want to change the size, pinch over it and tap to change the color.
  6. Once done, send your story.

All done.

How to Customize Your Instagram Link Sticker?

Customization is a vital tool for marketers. Brands are trying different call-to-actions with link stickers to improve their CTR – click-through rate. However, the success of these links in stories depends on their placement and design.

So, to go the extra mile, here is what you can do:

  • Add the link to the story graphics (As mentioned above).
  • Create an aesthetic sticker in a design app and save it in PNG format with a transparent background.
  • Go to your Instagram story draft, select the sticker you created, and place it right over the link sticker.

This way, no one will see the link sticker yet can visit the link by clicking the sticker you created using a design app.

Why is Instagram Link Feature Important?

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms used by 1.074 billion users worldwide. With it, there are thousands of businesses, influencers, marketers, and small firms engaging online and trying to serve their target audience.


From a business perspective, if you have a huge fan following interested in the same topic as your business and are ready to take necessary actions to proceed further, like product purchase, visiting the website, or checking out your new youtube video, then providing them with the link is a great move.


Although the ‘Link in Bio‘ is being used by almost every business and marketer, a one-click away option is needed to get higher conversions. The Instagram swipe-up option was a perfect fit, but you can definitely try some new aesthetic visuals yet have higher engagements than before with the Instagram link sticker feature.


Here are some benefits of Instagram Link Features.

1. Promote Products

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With Instagram, you can do so many things in between socializing. From educating the new audience about your business to nurturing leads and sending them to the final stage of the funnel, is much easier.


You can talk about your product or service in posts, IG lives, and stories. Take your entire audience to the next stage of the funnel and share a link to the checkout page with catchy product images.

2. Promote Content

Just covered stellar content on a diverse topic? Share it with your one-click-away audience. You can share a picture, video or create a post about the content and mention the link to it. This way, those interested in the topic will get to see it, and you will have floods of traffic. Win-win.


Many bloggers in the affiliate marketing niche use social media channels to drive traffic. They extract quick tips from their detailed posts and share them on Instagram with the blog post link.


3. Promote Events

Hosting an event? Worried about who will attend? Let your Insta fellows know about it.


Create a stunning graphic, mention the highlights and post it on your story with the link to the registration page. This way, you won’t be missing out on the interested audience.

4. Promote Videos

Getting traffic to your content, no matter the format, is very tough. You need weeks of consistent yet engaging, informative, and valuable content. However, if you already have a huge fan following on your Instagram profile, why struggle too much?

Businesses are now running on all channels. Whether it is a Q&A platform, Forum, Social Media Platform, or any other channel, businesses are trying to get traction from everywhere. Because with so many options, many people stick to a single platform as per their liking.

So, if you have just launched on YT, just share the link to your content on your Instagram story. Those who are interested in what you do will follow you around.

5. Promote Lead Magnets

Lastly, if you are creating or growing an email list, Instagram link stickers help. Again, you can share the link to the lead magnet or the sign-up page along with the story graphic.

Or, if you want a high conversion rate, you can go with the Instagram story ads. Story ads will let your visitors go to a sign-up form without leading to the web page.

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Over To You…

Instagram is a leading social platform constantly updating its features to streamline the suture trends. Though Instagram swipe-up was a great feature and benefitted many of us, it is no longer available to use. However, the link sticker option is here to stay.

With a few tweaks on how you usually work, you can create elegant visuals and increase engagements. You have to leave the way you used to work on IG stories and start crafting designs on design apps.


While everyone uses the URL in the sticker, amaze your audience with creative stickers.


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