These days more businesses are offering products and services online and customers are doing more online shopping. If your business is online then you must also be prepared to offer online customer support.

If you’re not available or present to help then you risk your customers becoming frustrated and taking their money elsewhere. You not only need to have online customer service but also find ways to improve it and do better in the future. The following tips and ideas will help you know what to focus on so you can enhance the customer experience online and provide improved support.

Offer Chat

One way to improve your online customer service is to offer a chat function. It’s an easy and efficient way to communicate with users who are online shopping and need help in the moment. There is live chat software you can use to turn this idea into a reality. Customers want to often be helped right away and prefer to message you instantly instead of making a phone call or writing an email. Have this option available so you’re ready to handle customer inquiries in real-time.

Use Social Media for Customer Support

More and more people are getting on social media and following brands and shopping through these platforms. Therefore, another way to improve your online customer service is to offer more outlets and options for getting in touch with you. For instance, use social media for customer support as well and have someone on your team who can answer questions and respond to concerns through your social media pages and accounts.

Be Consistent & Train Your Team

Improve your online customer service by being consistent in your responses and brand voice. You can be more consistent by training your team and putting policies and procedures in place that everyone can follow. Make sure that your entire staff knows and understands how to handle customer questions and inquiries online and is always professional in all interactions. The better trained your team is the more capable they’ll be of handling concerns and the more satisfied your customers will be in the end.

Publish Helpful Content on Your Website

You may also want to consider offering more self-service options on your website when it comes to handling customer questions. For example, you can publish useful content that they can read and click through to get the answers they need quickly. You might also want to add a common question or an FAQ page that your customers can read over and dive into so you don’t have to keep answering the same question over and over again.

Measure Your Performance

It’s also in your best interest and will be helpful to measure your online customer service performance. Come up with KPIs and metrics and a scoring system you can use to gauge how you’re doing and to see if you’re improving over time. Gather feedback from your customers and figure out what’s going well and what changes you can make to do better in the future.