How to Grow Your Facebook Fans For Free


So you don’t have much (or none) money available and yet you want to grow the number of your Facebook fans?


In principle, it sounds like mission impossible with such a hard competition out there. There are over 50 million Facebook pages nowadays, a stat constantly growing, as you know.


But don’t despair. There are some tricks that you can use so to get more likes and followers. And the good news is that many of them are free of charge.


So let’s have a look at them.


Sign up for forums, communities, and groups


Make your Facebook page as famous as possible by signing up to forums, communities, and groups related to the content you offer on your page. Then, whenever possible, make comments and add your Facebook page as a source. Just be careful and read the group’s guidelines first, so not to sound inconvenient. And only post valuable information.

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Post about your page on your personal profile on Facebook


Some people think that you shouldn’t mix personal and business life. That what you do for a living shouldn’t be on your Facebook profile. But there is nothing wrong in letting your friends know about your Facebook Page. Of course, don’t overdo it. Don’t be begging for likes around or posting about it every day like this isn’t one of the best ways to improve your social media’s performance.


Add your Facebook Page to your About Me


You probably have noticed that you have an About Me section on your personal Facebook profile. And that you can add links to it. So make sure that your Facebook Page is there to anybody see. It is true that your currently online friends will not check it, but the new ones will.


Add your Facebook page to your business card


If you run an offline business, your Facebook Page should be on your business card, menu, leaflets, loyalty cards, and anywhere else that your clients can have a look for long enough to remember it. It is also possible to create NFC business cards and add a link direct to your Facebook page as well.


Add a Like box to your website or blog


Another thing that you shouldn’t forget is adding a Like box to your website or blog. There are several widgets that you can use for it, free of charge, and they are all very straight forward. So don’t miss the opportunity to turn your visitors into Facebook fans.

Promote your Facebook posts on other social media networks


It is not because that they are competitors that you can’t promote the content that you offer on your Facebook page in other social media network. There is nothing stopping you from posting a link to it from your Twitter profile, for instance.


Of course, you shouldn’t just copy and paste it, but take adapt the content to each one of them. But your link can point to your Facebook, so to migrate fans of one account to another.


Publish a blog


A blog is a great way to promote your Facebook Page and grow your number of fans. So even if you have a website, you also should publish a blog. And it goes two ways: your Facebook fans will need to be pointed to valuable content, so you need a blog for it. And your blog can have content pointing to your Facebook page as well. Not sure if you are delivering valuable content? Then, check some reviews of writing companies that can help you with it.


Swap Facebook mentions


You can directly ask other bloggers and online business to swap Facebook mentions with you. You promote their pages, and they will promote yours. It usually works better when the content of both pages is complementary. Let’s say that you talk about pets and they sell pet’s products. There are several groups on Facebook where you can discuss partnerships. Or you can just contact any potential partner directly – they might be in the same need as you.


Add your Facebook page to your e-mail signature


This is a very simple thing to do, and yet many people forget about it. You should always add a link to your Facebook page to your e-mail signature. This way, every time that you send an e-mail that person will know about it. And if it gets forwarded, it is even better for you.


The final extra tip: what you should avoid


These were just some of the ways to grow your Facebook fans with none of the very little budget. They are no-brainer tactics that, when done together, will boost the number of people that like your Facebook page.


But what you also need to know is that there are some things that you should never do, no matter how desperate you are. You should never buy, or swap Facebook likes because they always look fake.


You should never try to post sensationalist content (also known as “lies” in many cases) just with the purpose of driving attention to you – you might succeed, but the quality of this attention might not be what you have been looking for.


And you should never ask directly for likes on your page without offering something in return. Facebook algorithm consider it as a way to game the system, and you can be penalized for that.
Beside it, just do your best to keep it growing nicely and steadily. It is OK if your page takes a while to be successful. Keep up with the good work and it will pay off sooner or later.