Any brand can sell on Facebook, especially with a good combination of ads and organic posts. The key to selling on Facebook is not only to publish a lot of quality content, you also need to have a sales funnel on Facebook.

What is a Facebook sales funnel?

A Facebook sales funnel is designed to capture the interest of users and nurture them until they are ready to make a  purchase. The idea is to use relevant post that the users are interested during different stages of the buying process to persuade them to become a buyer. You can do this with organic posts but it is much more effective when this process is reinforced with targeted ads designed specifically to appear in front of the users in the different stages of the process.

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Facebook has great sales power but it is not the same if you are not using a sales funnel. Users log on to Facebook to entertain themselves, not to buy products they have never thought of.
A sales funnel is designed to generate interest, reminding users of needs they might not even know they had. A sales funnel on Facebook will help you stand out among all the posts and will help you achieve the conversions you are looking for.

4 stages of a Facebook sales funnel

Many businesses are familiar with what is a evergreen sales funnel, which consists of 4 or 5 stages. Here are the 4 stages of a Facebook Sales Funnel

  1. A user first discovers your brand or product.
  2. Users know your product and is interested in it. Maybe considering buying your product or services
  3. .Users is ready to buy your product.
  4. The User has bought your product but you can’t forget about them. You must continue to nurture the relationships with them so that they can become frequent customers.

Although the stages of a evergreen sales funnel and the stages of a Facebook sales funnel are the same, the way you will create and present them is somewhat different as its execution varies.

How to Create a sales funnel on Facebook

You can use different types of content and ads to interest users in the different stages of the sales funnel. Since Facebook ads create interest from your potential customers, rather than just waiting for them to find you this is a perfect way to boost sales Even if they are not on Facebook with the intention of buying something.

Ready to start creating your sales funnel on Facebook? Here are the steps:

1. Create awareness

In order for someone to buy from you they have to know what you are offering. There are several strategies you can put into practice to raise awareness . This includes:

  • Make an ad campaign for people who might be interested in your brand. Make sure that users are not connected to your page. You can create custom audiences. Ads should be a short introduction of your product and why they need it.
  • create a contest . You can create a contest on any Social Networks that encourages users to invite other friends to win something. Once they do, they will not only know your brand but also you will have their email for retargeting campaigns. Just be sure not to violate Facebook’s terms and conditions.
  • Create organic posts designed to generate interaction. Ask questions and ask the opinion of your customers. When they respond, your post may appear on their friends timeline. Facebook page’s Insights can help you identify which content generates the most interaction so you know what content will work best for you in the future. This will increase your visibility quickly.

2. Solve their problems

During your campaign you need to prove to users that they need your product. This means making them aware of any problems they might have and how you can solve them

  • .Create campaigns aimed at users who have expressed interest in your product; you can focus on users who saw your video ad or those who visited your website.
  • Respond to all the comments in your ads. Users are trying to decide whether your product is worth their time and money and this is your chance to answer any questions and help them overcome any objections.
  • Use organic ads and posts to remind users about the benefits of your products and the reasons why they need them.

3. Provides an incentive for them to buy now

The users who are in this stage are already about to make their decision, they only need a slight push.

  • Creating ads with discounts codes. You can offer, for example, 15% off on your first purchase or free shipping. Then add a message that generate a feeling of urgency like “only for 5 hours”.
  • Create ad campaigns focused specifically on features that users are interested in. You can do this by using custom audiences from your site to show users the products they have been watching.

4. Encourage your customers to keep buying and recommending you

Only cause a customer has made one purchase doesn’t mean you are done with them. Since the cost of acquiring a new customer is much higher than that of a return customers, you should be willing to keep them interested in what you offer.

At this stage of the sales funnel customers probably trust you so you must take advantage and generate content that leads them to buy your products again and recommend them to others. Some strategies include:

  • Retargeting campaigns targeting users who have made high-value purchases and offer them special offers for their loyalty such as free shipping or special prices.
  • Remind users in organic posts about your discount for recommending you to their friends. Your returning customers will review your products positively, recommend them and encourage new users to make purchases.
  • Create ad campaigns based on purchase history to show your customers complementary products that they can purchase. You can use a carousel of images to display those products, mix lower  with higher value products to increase the value of your purchase.


If you want to turn your Facebook into a sales machine then you will need to create a sales funnel on Facebook. This funnel should be targeted to Facebook users, even if you already have another funnel on your website. If you use it correctly, the sales funnel will not only capture the interest of users looking for your products but will also create a new demand from an audience that was not even looking for you.

What do you think? Do you already have your Facebook sales funnel setup?  We want to know what you think!


How to create a Facebook sales funnel was last modified: October 27th, 2018 by Brian Manon