If you’ve newly launched your online store, let’s assume that you’ve already carried out a launch campaign and managed to make a splash about the big event. However, your marketing needs are far from done. Here, we’re going to look at some of the further steps that you should be taking to keep building your reach and recognition.

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Work out what your brand is

If you have already launched your website, then you should already have many of the elements of your brand in place. This can include your logo, your visuals, and the brand story or vibe that you try to represent. Now you just need to be able to replicate that through your marketing. One of the best ways to do that is to create a brand bible that ensures that, no matter who you work with, no matter what medium you use, you have a set of guidelines that help you keep your brand consistent, which leads to better recognition.


Learn from the experts

There are many different elements of digital marketing that you need to learn, including social media marketing, SEO, advertising, and the like. Trying to learn it all yourself can be time-consuming, and hiring a full-time digital marketer isn’t easy for a lot of startups. Working with a digital marketing company is not only more affordable than hiring, but it also gives you access to experienced professionals. They can bring the knowledge that you can pick up as they’re working, rather than having to stop and take the time to find your feet. This way, you can eventually make the knowledge internal.


Start writing your content

Writing an eCommerce blog can be one of the most effective marketing tools at your disposal. It not only works very well for redirecting search engine traffic, but you can turn your content into posts that people interested in the subject will be more likely to click on social media. Think about content not only relevant to the items that you’re now selling but also relevant to the interests of people who are likely to buy those items. For instance, if you’re selling home cleaning products, then a housekeeping section would be a good fit for the blog, with tips that can contain links leading to your products.


Get your customers involved

Doing all of the work yourself is an easy way to burn yourself out. Aside from the professionals, if there’s one body of people you can rely on to help you market, it’s your happy customers. This can include encouraging them to write positive reviews of the site and products if they’re happy, but you can also look at starting referral campaigns, seeing your customers refer their friends for discounts, or sharing the store on social media to build your visibility. A good incentive is key, be it a special offer, a chance of winning a prize, or otherwise.


With the tips above, you can set the foundation of a marketing strategy that keeps you growing and reaching new audiences, building your online store’s profile and recognition, driving new sales, and building connections with your audience.