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Starting an eCommerce blog requires hard work and dedication. But there are some things you need to know before you even begin thinking about it. Here are some common examples.

You Need to Constantly Generate Leads

Online business relies almost solely on generating relevant inbound leads. An inbound lead is a customer who comes to you because they find your content interesting and then buys something as part of your inbound lead generation strategy. For example, a typical lead who comes to you is someone who views your promotional content (see Linx Digital), such as well-made ads. Or they read an eBook or watch your YouTube videos and then buy something.

You Need a Plan of Attack

Almost everything needs to be planned ahead. In your eCommerce business plan, you should at least talk about how the market is doing and who your main customers are. But you should also learn how to look at patterns and analyze data. Make sure you know what’s in and what’s out when it comes to trends. Lastly, it’s important to have long-term goals and make sure you’re giving your customers everything they need, such as addressing trends like digital wallets.

An eCommerce Blog Depends on Fulfilling Orders

To stay in business, dropshipping businesses need order fulfillment. But there are some things that can ruin your business in a big way. Here are some examples from the last few years:

  • Supply chain issues like raw material shortages happen every few years.
  • Industrial action like the current Royal Mail UK strikes can hurt your shipment times.
  • COVID-19 isn’t completely gone and could return to cause further lockdowns.

You won’t be able to take more than ten orders per day, either. So you will need to work with a fulfillment center to book, ship, and keep track of your customers’ products.

Competition is Fierce

No matter if you’re a big company, a successful blogger, or an expert in eCommerce, you have to deal with competition. That means you have to find a way to stand out against millions of others. In this competitive world, you need to find ways to stand out, but it’s hard to do so. Some good strategies are to stay on top of current trends. But also to use multiple marketing channels to bring in more traffic and look at what successful competitors in your niche are doing.

Don’t Expect to Make Money Overnight

Most new bloggers think they can get rich overnight. Sorry to say but that’s not true. Yes, it does happen sometimes, but not very often. Most people who are successful put in the time, work hard, are willing to learn, and have a lot of passion. With enough of this, your eCommerce site will grow and change into something that a lot of people like, trust and use. In the meantime, you should learn how to sell, manage SEO, and run your eCommerce business.


It can be rewarding to start your own eCommerce blog. But it takes time and dedication. You also need to know about lead generation and fulfillment and have realistic expectations.