It’s the app which teenagers and young adults across the globe are raving about. It may not be as familiar to many as the likes of Snapchat or Instagram but the universal appeal of TikTok cannot be underestimated with hundreds of millions of users logging in daily to get involved with the latest fads and crazes.


At one point, TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world and  its focus on capitalizing on social media trends has only helped to stimulate its growth with more and more users captivated by the prospect of producing a video which will go viral and earn them new legions of fans.


However, what started out as an app for youngsters to express themselves through 15-second clips of them goofing around and lip-syncing to their favorite songs has turned into a credible business opportunity, and one that is enticing more and more firms worldwide.


With the right formula TikTok provides the perfect tonic for entrepreneurs to promote their business and advertise to a whole new market – but getting it right is key.


Here is a rundown of how businesses are using TikTok as a promotional tool and whether it is the right way for you to expand your venture.


What is TikTok?


Initially created in China three years ago under the name Douyin, the app we now know as TikTok was launched for foreign markets in 2017 by Chinese developer ByteDance.


The app, which functions on iOS and Android, works by allowing users to put together short three to 15-second video clips which can then be shared with other people on the app. Lip-syncing videos are prevalent along with dancing, acting, sporting and just downright silly creations which have been posted to capture the attention of other users who can all follow each other before liking, commenting and sharing each other’s content.


“Music often plays a big part in the videos posted with users able to choose background beats from a huge library  of tracks. Filters and special effects are also utilized to help make videos more fun and appealing with clips then aggregated under trending themes and topics on the app,” says Anna Adams, a tech writer at Academized and Essay Writing.


How do I create a TikTok account?


First and foremost, you need to download the app onto an iOS or Android device and create a ‘pro’ account. This costs absolutely nothing and enables you to gain vital analytical insights so you can see how much TikTok is helping your business grow.


From there, you do exactly what everybody else is doing on the app and start posting videos.


However, you need a strategy to win over your audience and there are various methods and tricks which firms are using to appeal to a new, younger clientele.


Create a catchy hashtag


Just like with Twitter, and to some extent Instagram, hashtags are key if you want to get anything to go viral on TikTok.


Users will be searching for and following hashtags to get the content they want to see so you need something which people will remember and ideally rolls of the tongue.


The idea of the hashtag is to encourage other users to post videos of themselves using that hashtag and therefore most videos posted by businesses often involve creating a campaign or challenge to maximise the opportunity for them to engage and interact with TikTok users.


“Multinational firms such as McDonald’s and fashion chain Guess have used such tactics to their advantage by encouraging users to get involved with the #BigMacTikTok and #InMyDenim challenges, respectively,” explains Eric Smith, an SMM expert at Big Assignments and Write My Paper.


If you’re a smaller business, however, it may be wiser to focus your hashtag on a specific geographical area which targets your intended audience.


Be fun and creative


No one has ever stood out online by creating a bland and mundane concept, and TikTok thrives on having users who think outside of the box.


You want your video to be shared across as many social media platforms as possible with a view to going viral. Therefore, in order to do that you need to create content which is thought-provoking, attention grabbing and unique.


TikTok is not generally used by anyone over the age of 25 so don’t be afraid to push boundaries and be creative when producing content. Think about current trends, memes and popular culture, and how you can use those as part of your promotional strategy.


Get influencers involved


Some users have more of a following on TikTok than others and having them involved in promotional opportunities gives you the potential to reach out to a huge audience.


Partnering up with TikTok “celebrities” who have millions of followers eager to see their content is a sure fire way to get your brand recognized, but this tactic does not come free.


Paid marketing partnerships aren’t always cheap but picking the right person to advertise your firm or brand can reap huge rewards.


Use TikTok’s advertising platforms 


It has been a long time coming but TikTok does now have different types of advertisements which firms can exploit to get their message across.


This includes in-feed native content, brand takeovers, promoted hashtags and branded lenses.


Companies such as Nike and Apple Music have already taken advantage of these features with successful campaigns and TikTok can ensure that such advertisements are targeting the right demographic and reaching their intended audience.


Final thoughts


The world of social media is continuing to grow by the day and  as technology continues to advance you’d be mad as a business owner to not make the most of the glorious promotional opportunities being offered up on a plate.


Yes, TikTok may be suited to a younger audience, but that is not to say that it should be overlooked as a way to market your business.


If anything, the app has gone under the radar as a way to self-promote and that makes it an even more enticing proposition for businesses looking to expand their ventures and tap into the unearthed potential of what TikTok can offer.


Beatrix Potter is an experienced writer who specializes in digital marketing and entrepreneurship at Best Essay Writing Service. She is a content marketing specialist who writes on diverse subjects at UK Writings and Essayroo, academic websites.