Marketing your business right now, during the current pandemic, is packed full of challenges. The issue is that the world – and the people living in it – are both completely different to three months ago, pre-pandemic. Societal attitudes and behaviors have begun to change, including those of consumers. This means that when it comes to how you’re marketing your business, you may need to adapt a little.


If you want to give your business the best chance of riding out the storm and surviving the pandemic, then you need to be smart about your marketing. You need to ensure that you get your marketing spot on, in order to achieve success going forward.


To help you to navigate the current economic climate, below are some marketing do’s and dont’s for effective marketing during a pandemic. Read on for everything that you need to know.

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Do be a clear communicator 


You might feel like you’re not in a position to say anything about the current situation as your business isn’t a health authority, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot continue utilizing your channel to communicate with your customers and the wider community. Take advantage of your social media, your website, and traditional marketing methods. You might not usually send out direct mail to your customers, but at the current time this type of strategy may work well learn more about printing direct mail before you do so.


Don’t fail to keep in contact with your customers


One of the biggest mistakes that you could make right now would be to stop communicating with your customers. You don’t want to lose touch with your client base during this time, even if your business isn’t able to operate in the way it normally would do, that’s not a reason not to stay in touch. You clients will appreciate you and your business far more if you make an effort to continue communicating through the crisis.


Do restarategise your marketing 


You may need to take the time to think about changing up your marketing to suit the tone of the current situation. What you don’t want to do is post content that isn’t in-line with the current situation. You need to be mindful to be respectful of the current crisis and ensure that you’re doing everything that you can to support your customers as well as the wider community through your correspondence.


Don’t stop creating content 


A large number of businesses have made the mistake of stopping creating new, fresh content simply because they’re not able to trade like usual. Don’t make this mistake – become an authority within your industry and continue to share useful, relevant and insightful content with your clients. Ensure that some of your content addresses the key questions that your clients may have regarding the current situation and how you’re managing it within your business. Content is king in business, never forget that, even during a pandemic.


There you have it, a few simple steps that you can take to ensure that you marketing your business as effectively as possible during the current crisis.