Over time, we discussed with many people (patrons, shop owners, service providers of various types, production unit managers, etc.) about how marketing can help them develop the business they manage.

I have noticed that at least during the initial discussions, there are some preconceptions about digital marketing or hiring a marketing agency, but also some unrealistic expectations regarding the desired results as a result of implementing a strategy of this kind.

Do you have an online store, a presentation site, a local business, a marketplace or even a simple blog and want more conversions and sales? Unfortunately, the competitive environment today does not just allow you to exist, to attract people’s attention. You need marketing and not any promotion strategy is right for your site.

That’s why, along with a lot of other factors (lack of time, lack of knowledge in the field, the advantages of competition, etc.), one of the most popular choices among small, medium and large entrepreneurs is digital marketing agencies.

Credibility is significant for the online or offline presence of a business. Competition for customers’ attention and money is increasing, and therefore they have a choice between what competitors claim and what you declare. Customers will always choose the brand or business they trust.


What tactics can you adopt in order to have online credibility?

  • Displaying on your website the prizes earned during your business lead to increased credibility, primarily if recognized organizations or authorities award them; Read this.
  • Small businesses or beginners may have difficulty implementing this tactic because it is not easy to obtain such awards; a substitute could be diplomas to participate in scientific events, conferences, or involvement in social activities.
  • It is possible that the business environment does not always appreciate these brand recognition, but companies from other countries have a different approach; a partner told me that a customer asked him if he had problems in 2007 because it was the only year of his business where he had not received any prizes.


  • Obtaining and displaying certifications for business or employees on the company’s website is an excellent way to increase confidence in it;
  • Certainly helps you get contracts (for example without ISO certifications you can not participate in most auctions organized by public institutions);
  • Obtaining certifications is not necessarily tricky, extraordinarily expensive, prices vary depending on the type of accreditation and the issuing body, yes and the industry or the market where you operate.


  • Create a blog for your business and regularly post articles of interest to your customers;
  • An exciting blog will lead in time to an increase in traffic on your website.
  • An increase in traffic will generate an increase in the number of people interested in the services and products they offer.


  • in other words Communicates – wisely uses social networks, listens to what your customers have to say, communicates with them transparently and authentically;
  • Quickly responds to questions and comments (even negative ones) – Facebook displays, for example, the message response rate and the average response time (a potential customer will likely quit interacting with your business if he/she sees a 52% and an average response time of 4 days);
  • Attention to your personal or social networking profile – companies are actually people, and many prospective customers are also studying this information.

Guides and case studies

  • Customers or potential customers are happy to receive solutions (especially if they are free);
  • You can prove that your business, through its people, has the expertise, knowledge, and experience to solve the problems the client has;
  • Generates traffic increases and visibility in search engine result pages.

Additional resources: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescommunicationscouncil/2018/11/14/use-real-results-and-roi-to-communicate-the-importance-of-digital-marketing/#45993c522b17

Recommendations and reviews

  • Get written recommendations from customers; scans them and displays them on the site;
  • Make sure you can get online reviews of your products and services from customers (remember how many times you chose to buy a 5-star review product at the expense of one with 3, though initially you were inclined to buy it on the second)
  • Reviews and recommendations show transparency, a key factor for increasing online credibility


  • It is the most critical element in building the credibility of your business online.
  • For many of those who interact with your business, the first impression about it is generated by the website you have and, remember, the first impression counts and is lasting.
  • In the case of the website, when we talk about credibility, it is not necessarily about design or adaptability to mobile devices (though they are essential), but about the message that it sends about you and your business.
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