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Digital brands need to maintain an intimate connection to their clients from time to time, but perhaps now more than ever. Why is this? Well, in a world where online business is becoming more and more the default, forced by societal trends, it’s easy for brands to blend into one another, to become amorphous, and ultimately, to be misremembered or forgotten.


This is why the entire discipline of search engine optimization exists, for example, to help smaller brands gain the ground necessary to appeal to a local area by being weighed ‘favorably’ by Google’s algorithm. In fact, this is so important that Google understands and develops this SEO coding in pursuit of that which is most valuable for their search engine, giving good brands a fighting chance.


But as we often espouse, in order to get ahead, it’s important to go above and beyond and to think about exactly what your clients may remember you for. Maintaining a physical presence with them, even as a digital brand, can work wonders in this regard.

But how is that achieved? Let’s consider:


Excellent Merchandising


Excellent merchandising helps you brand physical goods, from tote bags to mugs to pens and other utilities. Think about what works for your brand. For some, quality branded baseball caps given out upon a years subscription to a certain sports-watch program not only connects with your client, but helps them promote you. Of course, if your merchandise is good enough, it can serve as more than just a promotional tool, but an alternate revenue source.


Attending Trade Shows


Trade shows, when they open again, can be a great place for your digital brand to be ‘seen,’ especially for the people who staff it to express themselves. You might give a talk at a local keynote, or simply promote your brand and talk to those within your industry, forging business-to-business connections that may last the test of time. Trade shows exist for almost every industry, and no matter your business size are a fantastic place to be seen, if only to seem more corporeal and consequential as a brand.


The Logistical Experience


Of course, the logistical experience is pretty useful, as demonstrated by Shiply and their means by which to offer tenders to firms looking to pivot their approach, or freelancers looking to deliver your goods. And how you deliver your goods is important. From the packaging to the extra freebies you deliver, making this process an enjoyable experience for the end user shows your online form but in a tangible and presentable manner. Here they can see you’re about more than just slick web design, as they unveil the package, or give their digital service gift card to a friend. This speaks to your values.


With this advice, you’ll see that digital marketing is important and essential, but online branding can always be improved by having its roots peppered in the real world.