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TikTok is a video-sharing application that is used for several purposes and one main theme that people do choose for branding products is advertising. A video limit ranges from 15 seconds to a minute, which occupies different genres. With over 689 million (monthly active users), TikTok now spans 150 countries and is one of the most downloaded applications.


TikTok for new marketers is going to be a dream come true opportunity because people can reach an audience in a certain period. Whether it might be for the exposure of your products or services, advertising campaigns on TikTok could give you a good return of the ads you spent for!


Placing up ads on TikTok is a great idea to show off your content to younger audiences, who are also called Gen-Z. However, TikTok offers its hands for small and large businesses to make advertisements to millions of people around the community. Recently, TikTok also launched its lead generation tool for businesses to generate leads.


There are a lot more things that could be said regarding TikTok but this article will discuss advertising on TikTok and how to make your first ad. Let’s get started without further delay!


Why Businesses Must Use TikTok Ads?

TikTok is a good fit for most businesses but not every business succeeds by using it. TikTok ads are specifically created for businesses that look for large and engaged audiences. Research says that TikTok’s average engagement rate is about 29%. Do you know that the average user on TikTok spends about 52 minutes per day on this application?


TikTok users reside there more than once a day and this is why it is a good fit for marketing and advertising as there lies the concept called audience engagement.


If you have a business that targets a younger audience, you are likely to get success in TikTok advertising. The only reason behind it is 50% of the global audiences are under the age of 34 and 26% of people range between 18 and 24 years of age. However, the calculation of advertising exceeds with different age groups also.


Finally, if you have business with an international audience, TikTok can be chosen blindfolded because it serves people across 150 countries along with 70 language preferences.


Why TikTok Advertising Matters More For Marketing?

#1 TikTok Is Dominant To Gen-Z

As we saw above, the majority of the TikTok audience is the younger ones who are so-called “Gen-Z”, ages ranging from 18-34. And, this audience represents the U.S. consumer population, which is about 82 million people and it is said that the buying power of the users is over $140 billion. And however, these two stats are much more than enough to prove that TikTok is the dominant one for generation Z users.


What brings your business victory? Well, the targeted ads for the audience can be used to meet more revenue from the business. However, this could generate more sales for your products.


#2 TikTok’s User Engagement Is High

Research, which is released by App Annie reveals that the average monthly time spent per user is more than the analysis of other applications. The engagement rate includes the percentage of 70% in the United States and 80% in the United kingdom. Now, young adults on TikTok spend about 80 minutes a day, which is more than Facebook. And this solely tells that TikTok is an app used to create engaged audiences.


More engagement with the audience makes the work better along with the brands. This is more similar, where you are capable of getting more followers and likes that adds a social reputation for the videos and profile. And that is why TikTok is a big cheese, supporting user engagement.


#3 Advertising On TikTok Reaches Your Content To Extent

TikTok is an application that is famous for its video marketing and you can see a rise in it continuously. According to the study by Social Media Week, states that viewers claim that they retain about 95% of messages in the video. And, brands with 93% got new customers for their products and services. If you haven’t begun using videos, start incorporating videos in your marketing campaigns.


#4 TikTok Used Ad Formats For Engagement

Ad formats are nothing but the types that are used for advertising on TikTok. These ad formats create greater engagement among the users and let’s discuss the different ad formats on TikTok.


In-Feed Ads – TikTok in-feed ads are the ones that are displayed in the native news feed, and this happens when users scroll through the TikTok For You page. These in-feed ads video range can be up to 60 seconds long.


Brand-Takeovers – As the name suggests itself, they are the ones that pop up as soon as the user opens the TikTok application. It takes over the screen for the first few seconds and then gets converted into in-feed ads. Their time duration is about 5 to 60 seconds long.


Top-View Ads – However in-feed and top-view are similar ones but with a slight difference. They do not cover up the whole screen as soon as the users sign in. They occupy their space after the 3 seconds in-feed posts. Duration – 60 seconds.


Branded Hashtag Ads – Branded hashtags are another popular one on TikTok, it simply videotapes themselves in an act of dance, song, or another genre with a defined hashtag. Usage of the hashtag is the specialty of these ads and the duration is about 60 seconds long.


Branded Effects – These branded effects allow businesses to create ads using the customized filter on the app. However, the ads can last up to 10 days at a time. This is a great way that adds fun to users to engage them along with businesses. These ads last up to 10 days at a time on TikTok.


How To Create Your First TikTok Ad?

Let’s see how to create your first TikTok ad in just three stages.

  • Set Up Campaign On TikTok

This is the first level to create TikTok ads, here you will come across elements called campaign objectives, the name of the campaign, and the campaign budget. Campaign objectives include app installs, conversions, reach, video views, and traffic.


First login to the TikTok ads manager to begin the process, and click on the “campaign” at the page’s top, after that press the click tab. Choose the objective secondly, it can be anything like traffic, app installs, or video views. And they are categorized into three headings and they are awareness, consideration, and conversion.

  • Create Ad Group On TikTok

This is the level where you specify the following terms called ad placements, target audiences, budgets, goals, schedules, and bids for the ad group.


  • Select the ad placements, this notifies you of where to place your TikTok ads. However, allowing TikTok itself to select placement is called automatic, whereas the opposite is the one you could choose.
  • Pick the desired creative, this feature will help you create the combo of creative assets to deliver the best performing combinations. The ad creative assets include images, texts, and other videos.
  • It is now the time to choose the target audience for the campaign and they can be of two forms custom and lookalike and it’s just the same way as Facebook. This feature can be used to set the target demographic, which includes age, gender, interest, location, OS, language, price, and mobile carrier.
  • Select the budget for the advertisement, which can be fit under two categories daily or a lifetime budget. You can pick a range of dates to run your ads or the ads to run continuously.
  • Bidding and optimization is the final stage of the second procedure, where you can add third-party tracking links to monitor the performance of the ads. Choose the optimization goal, it can be conversion, click and reach. There is a billing event that TikTok itself schedules as per the selection of your optimization goal. Consider if you have chosen “reach” as the goal(optimization), the ads will be billed as CPM(Cost Per Mile).

  • Create Your TikTok Ads

Finally, are you ready to create your first ad? It involves a simple process that is easier to grasp. What you have to do here is upload your videos or images, which are eye-catching(ads) using the TikTok ads manager. However, you create two ad types one is the image one and another is the video one. TikTok has an ad limit of 20 ads in an ad group.


Follow the steps to create ads:

#1 Start and enter the ad names in the column that is specified as these would be helpful to identify your ads.

#2 Pick the ad format you want i.e. image or video, but currently, you can create only video ads.

#3 Add the details of the ads, which include uploading the creating media. You can either use the previous ads or upload media from the computer. If you want to create a new video, you can use the option “use video template” or the “smart video” option.


Choose a cover photo for your ad, which is also called a “thumbnail”. Add link and text for bringing up traffic to the campaign. At last, you can preview your ad before submission.


#4 Finally add relevant tracking links on TikTok as this allows the third-party tracking URLs and pixels to track ads performance. Finally, click on the “submit” option to complete the process of ad creation.


The Bottom-Line

TikTok is now the best platform for marketers to make advertisements for their services and this is because of TikTok’s engagement rate. The big reason for it is most of the international audience are here targeting the younger generation.


Now TikTok allows lead generation options to help you reach and engage with prospects to collect the data in the form of in-stream ads as they are used for mobile devices.


I hope the article would completely be a helpful one to make your first TikTok ad.

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