Facebook is one of the most popular Social Media Networks in the world. Facebook can be used for many things other than staying in contact with friends and family. Listed below are a few of those things.

  • Create your own fanpage to promote your business.
  • Brand and sell your products to a particular audience with the Facebook Ads program .
  • Create and organize meetings through Events.
  • And as you will see in this article, learn and network with Facebook Groups.

All these Facebook features give you a effective way to make gain a new audience by creating relationships with potential customers while you positioning yourself as a expert in your niche thus improving your personal brand.

This blog post I will be talking about a few of the best Facebook groups, we will also discuss how to create your own group.

Let’s get started ?

What are Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is like a forum within Facebook where users can leave their opinions, questions and share valuable content on a topic that interest them

These groups are a fantastic way to learn by exchanging information and sharing your opinion to an audience that relates to you.

Facebook Group vs. Facebook Pages Differences

Groups and Pages have a few common features which can lead to confusion .

To avoid avoid in confusion I’ll explain the differences with a  series of simple definitions:

  • Profile: is the representation of a physical person whose use is to share interests, photos and news with friends of the platform.
  • Page: its main function is to promote content about the professional activity of an organization, a professional, company, etc.
  • Group: includes a group of profiles that have an interest in a common theme .

Easier to understand now, right? ?

In any case, if you need more information about it, Here is a link to Facebook website where you will find out in greater detail the main differences between the two.

What are Facebook Groups Used for?

Regardless of what type of user toy are, whether creator / administrator or member, the difference between this tool and the pages is clear:

In groups the flow of information is bidirectional , both the creator and the users will always be able to publish valuable information as long as it complies with its rules and is not spam.

This means that over time a community that provides a real benefit to both parties will form.

As a member of a Facebook group you will get:

  1. Value: the flow of information is constant on both sides providing solutions and content of value on the groups niche.
  2. Networking: Facebook groups are an ideal way to establish new relationships in your niche

As a creator you will get:

  1. Authority : you will be able to position yourself as an expert in the field, you will also be able to improve your personal brand. You will immediately become the go to person whenever someone has a question.
  2. Segmented community: you will create a community of potential customers that will increase the chances of you making more income.
  3. Views: the groups attract a large number of users with members generally higher than the followers on a fanpage, so the views of your group posts will be significantly higher.

Take a quick look at this video where Caitlin Bacher shows you the usefulness of Facebook groups in greater detail  ?

How to search for a Facebook Group

If you are interested in a specific topic, the best thing you can do is to take action and find the group that best suits your needs.

Steps to search for a Facebook Group:

  1. The first thing you should do is have a Facebook account
  2. Once inside go to the search bar located at the top of your page and enter the keywords related to your topic.
  3. Click on the “Groups” link found in the navigation menu (just below the search bar) and all results will be displayed.

How to create a Facebook Group

Creating a group is very easy, you just have to:

  1. Click on the icon located at the top right of your Facebook profile and select “Create group” .
  2. Now it’s just a matter of giving your group a name, inviting new members, etc … After that click on “Create” .
  3. Set up your group by adding privacy settings , your cover photo , a description, the group rules or any type of featured content in the form of posts , etc …

Below are a few Facebook groups you can join. The groups are not ranked in any particular order  These are groups where you can learn about every aspect of online marketing. (setting up a blog, sales funnels, SEO, Print on Demand, eCommerce, marketing and branding)

Some have thousands of members and others less but as you can see the level of quality is not measured by the number of users, but their interactions.

Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers

  1. The Blogging Challenge Mastermind Community – Members 558
  2. Blogging Newbs – Members 20,840
  3. The Solopreneur Society – Members 6,636
  4. Blogging for New Bloggers – Members 19,064
  5. Bloggers Supporting Each Other – Members 28,135
  6. NicheHacks.com Private Mastermind Group – Members 49,932
  7. DNW – Making Money From Blogging – Members 7,309
  8. Bloggers Mastermind – Members 4,590

Best SEO Groups on Facebook

  1. Outrank: SEO Secrets for Entrepreneurs – Members 172
  2. SEO Secrets by Detailed.com – members 1,661
  3. Make Traffic Happen – members 4,334
  4. White Hat SEO Network by Chase Reiner – Members 15,341
  5. SEO Signals Lab – Members 34,416


Best Shopify Groups on Facebook (eCommerce)

  1. Ecom Empires – Members 72,507
  2. EcommerceMindset – Members 18,122
  3. Shopify Entrepreneurs – Members 92,282
  4. Unofficial Shopify Podcast Insiders – Members 1942
  5. Kingpinning – Members 38,590


Best Merch By Amazon (POD) Groups on Facebook

  1. Merch Money – Building $1M Print on Demand and Merch by Amazon Empires – Members 5,889
  2. Merch By Amazon Mastermind – Members 18,466
  3. Merch Success 2.0 – Merch By Amazon  – Members 5,695
  4. Merch Momentum – Members 12,494
  5. Merch By Amazon Top Sellers for Newbies & Pros – Members 10,430
  6. Teepreneur101 – Members 1,100


Best WooCommerce Groups on Facebook

  1. Divi & WooCommerce help and Share – Members 531
  2. WooCommerce Help & Share – Members 25,676
  3. Advanced WooCommerce – Members 21,849


Best Facebook Group for Entrepreneurs

  1. Brand, Build + Launch with Arsha Jones – Members 39,439
  2. Freedom Hackers ® #freedomhackers – Members 48,282
  3. Millennial Entrepreneur Community ?#Builders ?️ – Members 74,277
  4. Living the Laptop Life: A Group For Online Service Providers + Marketers – members 24,087
  5. ClickFunnels (Official) – Members 192,915