I've always wondered how to get Pinterest traffic to my website. These tips are a great start.

Pinterest is an epic traffic source and you should be doing everything in your power to get Pinterest traffic to your website.

Why? Pinterest is better than Twitter and Facebook combined. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, who rely on a person seeing content that is right in front of them at a specific time, Pinterest is organized by topic and is less focused on what’s trending now. It is becoming more of a search engine every day, and as people find your content, they’ll share it with their followers, which keeps your pins at the top of your target audience’s mind.

Pinterest traffic builds and builds over time, instead of bursting into brief flame and dying out, like a match head in the wind.

You should get in on that traffic! Here are six tips that will help you get more traffic from this social network. Note: these tips are the low-hanging fruit — there’s a lot more you can do, but start here, then check your analytics to see Pinterest start to rise in your referral traffic.

1. Become a Business on Pinterest

Even if you do not treat your online property like a business (which you should!), you want to be a business on Pinterest.


Pinterest for Business provides multiple analytics reports, which are the tools and insights you need in order to be successful on Pinterest. Even if you already have a personal account, it is easy to convert it to a Business account by simply heading over to business.pinterest.com and clicking the “convert now” button.

2. Connect with Your Audience

Pinterest is a great place to build a relationship with your ideal clients and to visually speak to them. Show them that you understand them by offering up content that they will like.

You know your ideal client, right? What’s she like? What does she do when she’s not buying what you’re selling? Set up lifestyle boards that relate to your audience.

With your target audience in mind, come up with ten boards that will speak to them. Create them and ensure you add at least ten pins to each board.

3. Pin Your Products

No matter what you are selling – information, coaching, clothes, dog poop bags, make sure you are pinning your products. Now, people don’t want to only hear about your products. No one likes the friend that only ever talks about himself.

Pin your products and pin things that are helpful to your audience, from other sources. For every one pin of your own stuff, pin at least six other pins. Mix them in and make sharing the work of others a key part of your Pinterest strategy.

4. Participate Regularly

Just like staying in touch with friends, Pinterest wants to hear from you regularly. They like it when people come hang out with them, and in this case that means spending time on their platform regularly. Show up, hang out, pin a few things every day, and they will reward you by showing your pins (including those of your own products) to more people.

5. Help Your Readers Help You

Putting your work directly onto Pinterest yourself is only one way to get your pins in front of people. Ideally, you want every reader you have to be so enamoured with your work that they share it with others. The best way to make this a reality? (Aside from writing supremely helpful and awesome content, which you’re already doing, right?)

Make it easy for people to share your work! SumoMe Image Sharer adds not only Pinterest, but also Twitter and Facebook.

Best of all? It’s free! jQuery Pin It is another option that is free.

6. Make it Easy to Maintain

Hire someone to set up your pins and boards for you, then make that person responsible for maintaining your Pinterest profile. If hiring is not in the cards, there are affordable tools like Board Booster to keep things going.

Maintenance tasks include: pinning other content to your boards (aside from your branded board), pinning your new content and products, applying to group boards, creating a group board, deleting pins with a low repin count, adding your pins to the appropriate group boards, etc.

Want to learn even more? We’re looking for a small group of dedicated bloggers to join us as we teach you how to leverage Pinterest to bring your website dedicated sustainable traffic. Find out more about the Pinterest Strategy beta course here.

Bio: Anne and Kathleen have started dozens of websites over the past several years and they are always looking for ways to grow their traffic and efficiently utilize their time. You can find Anne at UniqueGifter.com and Kathleen at ForProfitBlogging.com (among other places!). Their Pinterest strategy course is bursting at the seams with actionable content to help you level up your business. Beta launches in February, full course launches in May.

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