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It takes time, patience, and dedication for making money from a blog. But there are some established effective methods of making money from your blog that you can implement today.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Advertising and marketing will cost money. However, it can take a long time for your blog to generate enough organic traffic for an income without it. You can significantly reduce this time by placing paid advertising links across the web. PPC advertising services are excellent for this. Talented individuals know how to strategically place ads for your site. You are charged for each click of your ads, but it is a cost-effective solution and very common. In addition, PPC offers an excellent return on investment at between 2% and 10% depending on the campaign.

Free Advertising of Relevant Products

It can be challenging to locate paid advertising since you need to demonstrate a consistently large traffic volume. Google AdSense is an excellent alternative. It is possible to make extra money using this method from a small amount of traffic. Using Google AdSense, you need only link your site to the program, adjust the settings to your preference, and sit back to earn passive income. With time, the algorithm will learn your niche and begin showing relevant ads based on your content. You get paid when a user clicks on a user’s ad and cash out when you want.

Affiliate Marketing

The internet is dominated by affiliate marketing. You earn a small commission for each successful sale with affiliate marketing through your unique ID link. In addition, you include a referral link to a product or service. For example, if you write a movie blog, you might include links to streaming services that users can sign up for, and earn you money. However, it’s best not to build your site with affiliate links. This looks unprofessional, and will damage your SEO score. Instead, it’s a better strategy to write niche-related posts and place links where relevant.

Partner-Published Posts

After your blog becomes more popular, SEO and link-building specialists working for clients may contact you. You will be asked if you would be interested in publishing relevant posts that contain paid-for links for backlinking purposes. The process is called blogger outreach, and you receive a small fee for tailor-made posts. You don’t have to do any work, and they don’t bombard you with advertisements. Moreover, the posts are usually SEO-centric, so they will assist your site, not harm it. To get paid, just accept, publish, and you are good to go.

Guest and Sponsored Posts

It is also possible to accept sponsored posts. The sponsored post differs in that it is actively aimed at selling a product, and you will be paid handsomely for including one on your blog. However, because sponsored posts are sales-oriented, they are written as advertisements. But as long as the sponsored posts are relevant to your niche, you shouldn’t be afraid of including them. For example, having a sponsored post on the latest vehicle GPS won’t negatively affect your car safety blog. Therefore, your SEO score remains unchanged or even improved.


Blogging is big business these days, and many people use them for passive income. Some common strategies include PPC campaigns, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing.