You have a lot to tackle on any given day when you’re a business owner and in charge of your company. However, one of the most important to-dos is reaching customers and making sure your target audience knows about you and what you’re selling.

You must work hard to promote and advertise your company in the right ways so you can get in front of potential customers and stand out from the crowd. You can’t sit back wishing and hoping that your target audience finds you. Instead, you need to be proactive and creative, and find ways to promote your business successfully.

1.    Website & Blog

One option for promoting your business and reaching customers is through a website and blog. You can see an example from Charles Zsebik who publishes relevant and timely information about himself, what he does, and his business to help get the word out. Make sure that you include all pertinent information regarding your mission, offerings, and how to get in touch or contact with you. Maintain your website and publish new posts regularly to ensure your audience returns to read your content again in the future.

2.    Email

Email marketing is another way to promote your business and reach customers. Collect email addresses based on who may be interested in your products or services and then come up with a strategy for what information you want them to see and when. Make sure that you have a plan in place so that your emails are relevant and informative and that you don’t annoy your readers by sending out messages too often. Do it right by creating enticing subject lines and using it as a way to keep your offerings and company top of mind for your customers. You may even consider using email to gather more referrals and get your current customers to bring friends or family with them the next time they shop with your company.

3.    Social Media & Influencer Marketing

You can also promote your business and reach customers by using social media and influencer marketing strategies. Many consumers are spending more time online and on these platforms and it’s a great opportunity to ensure they get to know your business better and see what you’re selling. Engage on social media by sharing unique content and blog posts and responding to questions and inquiries. Influencer marketing is another way to promote your business without having to do the talking yourself. Consumers are more likely to trust these influencers and what they’re saying versus the brand itself.

4.    Online Marketing Campaigns & Video Ads

Consider promoting your business and reaching more customers by designing online advertising and marketing campaigns, including video ads. A major benefit of running pay-per-click ads is that you only pay for what consumers click on. You might also want to consider advertising on social media, on a podcast, or grow your visibility with location-based offers. All it takes sometimes is cutting through the noise online through creative advertising means and driving more customers to your website and getting them to look further into your products and services.