Have you ever stopped to think how you can improve on Social Media? In this article we have compiled 31 ways we all can improve on social media with a little effort and attention.

List of areas for improvement in Social Media:

#1. Share more about yourself, people want to know!

A mistake companies make sometimes is not showing the faces of the team that works behind the scenes. The public likes to know who’s talking, so give them a name and a face to make the conversation more personal. If you still are not in the spotlight you should go ahead and get out there, do it!

#2. Facebook Ads? YES!

If you have not used these yet, it’s time you start. Facebook Ads is the perfect tool to reach your target audience.You can also filter in a very specific and concrete way what people you want to reach. That way, your money doesn’t go to waste by reaching those who aren’t in your target market.

Facebook 101: How To Setup An Ad In 5 Simple Steps

#3. Do you have Instagram?

Instagram is another social networking channel that is not as mainstream as Twitter or Facebook in the business world. But if your business is sells a product or services, you can use Instagram to promote your products or services by displaying a visual component with this social network.  Follow me on Instagram

#4. Do you respond to everyone on Twitter?

Sometimes it is difficult to answer every comment or each post or share. But surely this an area businesses can improve on by paying a little more attention. If you can not respond to every mention, give at least a “like” when you are mentioned. Follow me on Twitter

#5. Share more content

It is tempting to frequently share your own content before the content of others. But sometimes it’s good for your followers to see that you are sharing helpful information from other blogger. This will also encourage other bloggers to share your content.

# 6. Return the follow

Who does not want to have lots of followers? Maybe you have hundreds and hundreds of followers and you do not follow anyone or return any follows. It is not necessary to follow each and every one of the users you follow, but at least check what type of account it is and if it’s the same type of niche, follow them.

# 7. Have you considered doing mobile marketing?

They say that the mobile is one of the main drivers of traffic to a website. It is said that 34% of shoppers use a social network on their mobile for shopping. Pinterest is a perfect example of a Social Network you should be marketing on.

# 8. Change your bio on Twitter

8 years have passed and you still have the same biography on Twitter. Your business, yourself and the environment has changed. Review it periodically to keep it current.

# 9. The #hashtag

As for the hashtag there are three things most people can improve on:
– Use them more, if you do not use them
– Use them less, if you put too many
– Study what hashtags are more effective and more relevant to your content. Use those ones.

# 10. Pay more attention to Google+

Is this the social network that you pay the less attention to? The reality is that the data shows that it is being used a lot and, moreover, it is the social network of Google itself. It is important to have some sort of presence there.

#11. Pay attention to real time marketing

Participate in issues of the day because they just happened. It brings freshness to your content and gives a fantastic feeling that you’re actually there behind the screen.

# 12. Have I not spoken to that person?

There are fans that interact with us a lot and sometimes we forget that we talked with them. It is important to care for these fans and give them special attention. They are willing to share our content and speak well of us. It’s good manners and good business to respond to them.

# 13. Measurements of profile photos and cover

It is unprofessional, and it affects your social networks significantly if your photos aren’t properly sized. It costs nothing to size profile pictures and adjust them to the exact pixels of each social network cover. Check what size your images are and if they are not fitting the exact measurements, try to change them. You’ll notice the difference.

# 14. Take responsibility for a mistake if you are wrong

This is (perhaps) one of the major network standards: if you were wrong, you should not delete the content. It is always much better to apologize and admit your fault if you have confused someone, committed a grammatical error, or copied a bad link. The public positively assesses apologies.

#15. Trending topic: Should I participate?

Getting into the wave of trending tweets can be very tempting, but do not do it if the subject matter has nothing to do with you. If not, you can go out burned, just look at what happened to Paulina Rubio with the hashtag # PAU2015 .

# 16. Combine professionalism with touches of humor

It is clear that a company must be professional and maintain a professional image. However, try not to seem like a cold and distant business. Make it fun by adding touches of humor from time to time. That way, you connect with the public and humanize your brand.

# 17. Where are we?

Businesses are no longer alone in the office. You can share your location if your team or a team member attends an event at a fair or an exhibition related to your company. Sharing location shows professionalism and closeness.

# 18. Mention the author of the post

When you share content, you should mention the author of the post. Thus the author will know that you have read their article, you liked it and you shared it. In addition, they will thank you and hopefully share some of your articles in the future.

# 19. Optimize your ads

There are many times we were satisfied with our ads on Facebook, Instagram or Google Adwords. At other times, the result has not entirely convinced us: You should always be testing and optimizing your copy, images and Links.

# 20. Do not leave Linkedin

We are all on Linkedin but few of us update the profile. At least try to publish articles and other updates a few times for a month.

# 21. Live streaming

Tools like Periscope have had great success in 2015, and businesses must start using them more. You can record yourself in the office while working or show part of a conference you are attending. Facebook Live is also great for live streaming and since your friends are already on Facebook it will be much easier to build a audience.

# 22. Give more thanks

We will fall flat on our face in front of our audience if we fail to appreciate that someone shared our post, or gave us a “like”, etc. Personally thank people one by one, if at all possible.

#23. Facebook gives me feedback?

Many companies have opened a page on Facebook but do you have feedback from your followers? It is not always necessary to be in all social networks. If you see that Facebook does not respond as it should, discuss with your team whether or not to close the page and focus on the social network that best fits your needs.
# 24. Emoticons (Emoji’s) – Use Them!
Add emoticons to your tweets and publications, and even articles (without going overboard). Adding emojie’s will humanize your company a bit

# 25. Use Social networks on weekend

Don’t forget about weekends. You do not need to hire a social networking manager for weekends, but there should be some presence on Saturdays and Sundays. There is no need to share 6-7 tweets every day, 3-4 will suffice to keep the account live. It also makes sense to make weekend content more relaxed. If you share very dense or technical content, there is not likely going to be much feedback.

# 26. Did you  A / B test?

If you did, great! You are on the right track. If not, try to do this kind of test to see what happens. for example, an email, an ad or landing page.

# 27. Answering private messages

Although private messages are not seen by everyone, that does not mean you don’t need to answer them . A good company is available both in public and in private. Therefore, attempt to answer private messages from your followers (wherever applicable).

# 28. Brings personal touches to company accounts

Combine this point with humor, and get good results.

# 29. Memes? Why not!

They are fashionable and shared easily. Choose a funny picture and add a relevant and silly quote. To see examples of memes and quotes visit QuotesMeme.com

# 30. Share content created by you

We mean pictures, pdfs or videos, for example, things you’ve created for yourself.

# 31. “Like” the publications of others

Just like you like to receive notifications, do the same for others.


If you have any other tips to add please leave them in the comments below.

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