If you don’t already know that data security is important, you are going to struggle in the business world. The risk of cyber attacks is always growing and unless you take security seriously, you are putting your business at risk.

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Hopefully, you also understand the importance of backing up your data in case something does go wrong. If you fall prey to cyber criminals or your servers break down, it’s vital that you have a backup so you don’t lose anything important. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses make some serious errors that put their data at risk. These are the big data backup mistakes that your business needs to avoid.

Forgetting About Physical Copies

This is the biggest blunder people make when backing up their data; they focus on all of the digital stuff and completely forget about everything that they already have on paper. There could be some incredibly important data buried in those filing cabinets in your office. If there is a fire or a flood, those physical copies could easily be lost. So, when you are backing everything up, make sure you use Document Scanning Services from AMI Imaging or another similar company to create digital copies of all of your important documents. This is especially important because, eventually, you will move away from paper and everything will be digital.

Not Considering Recovery

The reason that you backup your data is so that you can recover it if something happens, but that doesn’t stop people from forgetting about the recovery aspect. When you are setting up your backup system, think carefully about the recovery process and how it will impact your business. Your data must be easily accessible so you can restore it quickly and get the business up and running as quickly as possible because downtime is expensive. Prioritize data in terms of how important it is to the day to day running of the business so you can put a clear strategy in place for getting your business back online.


The other mistake people make is failing to test this restoration system. It’s all well and good putting the strategy in place, but what happens if it doesn’t work when it comes down to it? So, make sure that you run regular tests on your recovery system to ensure that it is working as efficiently as possible.

Backing Up And Forgetting About It

Backing up data and then forgetting about it is a common error that businesses make. Data packages can fail, software needs updating, and new technology can improve your backup and recovery system. You need to constantly monitor and update your backups to ensure that your data is safe, so you can’t just forget all about it. If you neglect your backup, you could end up with corrupted or missing data. If you are concerned about the time investment involved with managing your backups, you should consider outsourcing to an IT service to handle it for you.


If you want to look after your data properly, make sure you avoid these common backup mistakes.