When you run a small business, you’re going to have a whole lot on your plate. You need to focus on getting started and developing innovative products that you’re going to sell. You need to brand yourself and come up with a unique company name. You need to secure domain names and social media URLs. You need to conduct a whole lot of market research to get to know your target demographic and ensure you’re meeting their needs and preferences. This is just the start of things! You might want to expand, take on staff, collaborate with different companies, or engage with a whole host of other activities. But it’s going to be difficult to succeed as a business if you’re not going to focus on one particular area: cyber security.

Cyber security should be at the top of your list of priorities as a small business owner – no matter what type of business you’re running or what are you’re specializing in. Nowadays, we store increasing amounts of confidential or private data online. Our social media accounts are our means of communicating with our customers and need to remain professional. Our employees operate online and need access to files and the web to complete their work. If someone were able to hack into your systems or accounts, you could lose all of your hard work and unauthorized posts could be made from your accounts, potentially damaging customer relations. The infographic below will help you to prevent this from happening by helping you to get to grips with cyber attacks and cyber security measures you can implement!

Infographic Design By Norwich University