Why You Should Be Building A Email List

Internet marketing is brilliant.  It’s an ever changing, fluid, developing industry that we know more about every day.  The ability to reach your client base through their social media, preferred websites and email has stretched the creativity and resourcefulness of modern marketing professionals.  Our culture is ever changing and our online communities are becoming our only communities.  This creates both benefits and challenges to businesses and their marketing teams.  One of the best tools that internet marketers have today is the email list.

Combining “high tech” with “high touch” is key in planning your marketing strategy.  Social networking provides people with a very informal, passive glance at advertising which may buy you brand recognition at best.  It does not produce near the traffic that a marketing strategy with a personal touch can accomplish.

Email is personal. People feel a sense of ownership over their email.  It’s private.  It’s personal.  Where an ad on a website or a social networking blurb may render a passing glance, personal emails call for recipients to engage.  They feel more invested in email because it was sent to them.  Companies are reporting high landing page traffic as a result of the regular emails that are being sent out through their email lists.

In an effort to keep up with SEO, companies are having to perform a regular juggling act.  Google and other search engines are constantly changing and updating their algorithm.  What that means for businesses using internet marketing is that their target audience could be reached today and missed tomorrow – all without warning.

With your email list, you are in control of when to contact your target market, how to contact them, and what to say to them.  Your email list is in your hands as the business owner rather than being subjected to the whims of the ever changing algorithm.

Finally, a word about social networking.  While Social Networking certainly has it’s place in the marketing world, it carries some risks and benefits.  One of the primary risks would be the dreaded commenting thread.  Ads go up and the trolls appear – and smash your marketing.  End of story.

Your email list eliminates that risk.  Your clients and customers see what you want them to see and nothing more.  They can be directed right to the pages that you want them to see, thereby increasing traffic and sales – all while maintaining your good name. Messages sent out through your email list can use deliberate language and your branding to clearly convey the message that is intended to be seen.

Staying relevant in the world of internet marketing is a delicate balance of staying “high tech” without losing the “high touch” aspect.  It requires staying in touch – electronically – to your customers.  Your email list will help you do manage the essential personal side of marketing that is so often lost in our fast paced world.

Why You Should Be Building A Email List was last modified: October 8th, 2015 by Brian Manon