What to look for in a ghostwriter

As with everything in the age of information, the profession of ghostwriting has evolved drastically in the last couple decades. Ghostwriters were once an elite group of talented poetic linguists with skill that was largely used for stories, autobiographies and memoirs. These ghost writers are still around today, but more and more ghostwriters are being retained for electronic correspondence.

In the age of information, we are bombarded day and night with input. Anything we would want to know about is at our fingertips. Knowing this, conveying a message with stickability to your targeted market can be a tricky proposition as the message can be easily lost among the overload of information.

Today’s ghost writer needs to be able to communicate to your audience in a way that the message will be received quickly and clearly. Think twitter length messages. Information is so readily available today, and this generation is accessing it so quickly that to get a message through, messages need to be direct and the language deliberate.

Intentional language that is short, bold, and to the point benefits your business as you are making your advertising and communication more effective. Furthermore, it communicates with not only your desired audience, but it simultaneously communicates with search engines that are trying to keep up with the latest and most relevant websites they scan for. Writing for both an audience and SEO is a skill that a modern day ghost writer for business needs to have. A firm grasp of vocabulary and the english language is absolutely necessary.

As with any industry, there are both flakes and professionals to be found. Sifting out the flakes is rather simple. Is the ghostwriter you are looking to hire professional in their interactions? Do they have a contract that protects both them and you? Are they organized? Do they have writing samples they can share with you? A good professional ghostwriter should have all of these things.

Communication with your writer is key. Are they reliable in their correspondence? Do they respond in a timely manner to your requests? They should be accessible.

Ghostwriters can be of tremendous benefit to modern businesses. They are a godsend for those who don’t like to write, don’t have time to write, don’t want to write or don’t don’t know how to write. Yet like it or not, words are our most prevalent form of communication these days, in more ways than one. Finding someone that can put those words to use for you, both electronically and business-wise makes their skill more than worth it. Make sure you get a good one.

What to look for in a ghostwriter was last modified: September 24th, 2015 by Brian Manon