Business is harder than ever to keep afloat during this pandemic, and many smaller companies are failing to stay successful. With another few months of lockdown and restrictions still to look forward to, it is important to do everything we can to save money and make every decision count.

Today we want to speak about what you can do to stay successful in 2020 and 2021.

Consider outsourcing

One of the biggest outlays you have as a business is employees. It is important that as a smaller business you take every measure to save money; and switching from employees to outsourcing could be the perfect answer. When it comes to outsourcing, you only have to employ an outsourcing agency for as long as you need whereas a full time employee will be there permanently. It is much less money and hassle to just hire the experts when you need them!

Offer freebies

It might seem counter intuitive to offer freebies when trying to save money on your business, however this could be a great form of marketing. Everyone loves a good freebie, and when you offer a giveaway or free samples of your products you get people interested in your brand. This not only gives brand awareness but it also allows people to experience the quality of your products.

Improve sales technique

It is more important than ever for you to send your team on some sales training to improve their skills. Sales is a crucial part of business and now more than ever you need to be one step ahead of the competition.

Know your competition

When the market is so saturated and everyone is fighting to sell their own products, you need to be aware of what the opposition is up to and ensure that you don’t let them win. Observe what others are doing, see what works, and use these ideas for your own audience.

Get rid of dead weight

Remember that as a small business every penny counts; and a lot of us spend money on things we simply don’t need. Now that times are tough think about where you can save money and ditch the things you don’t need. This can be anything from expensive software to office printers; and will make the best of your budget and ensure you only spend on what you need.

Create a happy environment

It is important for you to create a happy environment for your employees to ensure that they work hard and stay energized at work. Of course, while working from home this can be a very different thing; but you can control the atmosphere in your office and ensure it is relaxed, open, and bright. Inspire your employees to work hard with inspirational posters, make sure you have plenty of natural light, and create a downtime space to help them relax.


Follow some of these simple tips and tricks to keep your business successful towards the end of this year and even into 2021 and beyond.